#R.I.P Dr. Hathi aka Kavi Kumar Azaad

R.I.P Dr.Hathi

Dr. Hathi’s Final Goodbye: The actor would be remembered for his brilliant acting skills

Actor Kavi Kumar aka Dr.Hathi of Tarak Metha Ka ooltha chashma, passed away today (July 9) morning. According to reports, the actor suffered a massive heart attack today. As per sources, the actor was supposed to attend a meeting today with the entire star cast and the producer of the show, but he informed the producer of the show that he is not well and hence won’t be able to make it. Around 11-12 Pm he suffered a massive heart attack.  He was a brilliant actor and was entertaining his fans for the past 10 years.

R.I.P Dr.Hathi

He was a significant part of ooltah chashma and he will be badly missed. The producer of the show said, “He was an amazing actor and a very positive person. He truly loved the show and always came for the shoot even if he was not feeling well. He called today and he is not well and will not be able to make it and then, we got the news that he passed away. We are feeling too numb at this time.”

Well, it is a shocking news. May his soul rest in peace.

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