Khaane Wali Didi not coming? Here are 5 quick breakfast ideas you should try

5 quick breakfast ideas which are easy to make and are delicious too!

Before the lockdown, many people who were dependent on their maid for breakfasts are finding it hard to survive during the lockdown. Lunch and Dinner can be ordered online but not many restaurants are not open during the morning hours. Many restaurants and street vendors who used to deliver breakfast are closed due to insufficient food supply and lack of workers.

This could be very problematic for those people who stay alone, and away from their family because they have to grab the laptop by 10:00 anyhow for work from home assignments. Many of them start working without taking the most important meal of the day. So for all those people, we are here with 5 quick breakfast ideas that you can make yourself at home without any fuss! ₹

1. Bread Omelette

Bread Omelette is probably one of the most popular breakfasts across the world. It’s very easy to prepare as you need only eggs and your choice of bread – brown or white. Also, while preparing the omelette you can use tomato, onion, chilli and coriander. Here is the video guide on how you can prepare bread omelette breakfast at home.

2. Oat Meal

Oat Meal is one of the healthiest and easy-to-prepare breakfast option. You just need to boil the milk for 2, 3 minutes and then put oats into it. You could also add dry fruits like Almonds, Cashews, Raisins, Pistachios and other. Also, we would suggest you to use honey as a sweetener because refined sugar is not good for health.

3. Peanut butter sandwich

You could either choose brown bread or white bread as per your convenience. Although, brown bread is suggested. Grill the bread and spread the peanut butter on the bread and put sliced banana to it. Your healthy breakfast is ready. We would suggest you to eat it along with a banana shake for a  complete breakfast.

4. Fruit Salad

All you need is to reach the basket of fruits and cut them into pieces, your fruit salad is ready. Fruits like watermelon, banana, papaya, orange, apple and pomegranate are the best things to start your day with. But if you starting your day with fruit salad, make sure that you are eating important nutrients like proteins and carbs in the next meal.

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5. Black Chana Fry

Black Chana also known as chickpea is a great source of protein. Boil the black chana until it becomes soft and then fry it along with jeera (Cumin seeds), chilli, onion, tomatoes and salt in olive oil.

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