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Pride Month Special: Queer Start-Ups you Need to Follow

10 Queer Start-Ups that should look up to for your cute and alternate products

Well, it’s June and we all know this month is celebrated as Rainbow month or Pride Month to celebrate the LGBTQI+ community and their rights. The movement started from New York when the Stonewall Uprising took place in New York City, USA, on June 28, 1969. The NYPD would routinely raid LGBT nightclubs and harass the LGBTQ community at the time. The American Constitution also contained rules against homosexuality at that time. In the following year, an official pride parade was carried out on the anniversary of the Stonewall Riots. That tradition is still on and since then, June is seen as Pride Month.

On this Pride Month, we thought of featuring some queer start-ups in India, and here’s the list of them all. Though we are featuring them during the pride month, but let’s keep applauding and supporting these start-ups throughout the year and after.

Queer Start-Ups you Need to Follow

1. The Yellow Bookshop

For the bookworms, this store is something they will find their heart at. The Yellow Bookshop serves super artsy book accessories like book stickers, book boxes, bookmarks, and so on. And the aesthetics of their page are something to absolutely love.

2. Medusa Pride store 

This store is owned by Purab, a trans man. The store offers is with the idea to help people express themselves. They currently serve in t‑shirts, hoodies, knitted sweaters, socks, tote bags, and badges etc.

3. Serenity Thrifts 
Serenity Thrifts is a Thrift Clothing online store that sells pre-loved and upcycled clothes. This store can be your one-stop shop for cute and thrift clothes and the best part is that they ship pan India. So, next time you need to stock your thrifts, consider buying from Serenity Thrifts.

4. Lifafaa

Lifafaa is a handmade unisex Resin Jewelry. Well, the collection of Lifafaa is some of the most unique handmade resin jewelry we have found. And, they even help in customizing. So, consider checking them out.

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5. Aesthu Bits

Rigo is a creator and owner of Aesthu Bits. She creates customized products and personalized gifts like illustrations, videos, gift hampers, frames etc. This amazingly talented artist can literally provide the best and the most artsy gifts. And she even provides digital copies or physical gifts as per your need. So, next time you need a personalized gift, visit Aesthu Bits.

6. The Indie Ink Pot

Vaidehi is the artist behind The Indie Ink Pot. She makes machine-free tattoos and the best part is that a part of the money she earns by tattooing goes into feeding the strays. So, trust Vaidehi with her art and also help her by contributing for a cause.

7. Black Canvas

Okay, so this one is really interesting as you can get everything customized from this store. Starting from T-shirts to shoes to masks to even socks. They believe in creating personalized prints for the people and that too 100% handmade customs making them even beautiful.

8. Legato by Avneet 

Legato by Avneet is by Avneet Kaur who is a 17-year-old artist. This startup is all about Jewels, apparel, and Art, and ships all over India. The collection of the store is absolutely unique and handmade. So, for your artsy collection of jewels and apparel, check out Legato by Avneet.

9. Euxoria 

A founder of Euxoria is a trans person that generally creates queer handmade products. From keychains and earings to wall hangings, they have got everything at very affordable prices.

10. The Home Front

A handicraft store, The Home Front makes micro macrame jewellery with great details. You can find beautiful micro macrame for yourself on their account and they deliver all over India.

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