3- Day Polio Drive to begin in Gurugram from March 10, over 1,000 Booths Set up

3- Day Polio Drive to begin in Gurugram from March 10: Gets Deets here!

According to reports, the district health department of Delhi/NCR will begin a three- day long intensified pulse Polio immunization drive in the district from Sunday. Notably, the programme aims to cover 3.5 lakh children below the age of five. To make the drive successful more than 100 mobiles teams of vaccinators and supervisors have been deputed.

As per the Urban Nodal officer of Gurugram, Dr. MP Singh said, the focus is on clusters and remote areas. To make the drive impactful around 1, 2607 booths will be set up in different areas. He further added that that the drive will cover 10 primary health centers (PHCS) and 18 urban primary health centers. Also, a door- to door awareness will be conducted to Monday.

As per the district health department, an IPPI is conducted annually to ensure thorough coverage of the Vaccine. Notably, in the year 2014, Haryana was declared Polio- Free.

Let us make our Nation Polio-Free

India claims to be the Polio Free Nation but the disease is still prevalent in our country.  The drive would create awareness all across the nation.  Polio is an infectious disease and it is caused by a virus that lives in the throat and intestinal throat.

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Who needs the Polio Vaccine?

Polio Vaccination is highly recommended for children.  Notably, children should be vaccinated with four doses of IPV at the following stages:

1.A dose at 2 months

2. A dose at 4 months

4. A dose at 6-18 months

4. A booster dose at 4-6 years

IPV may be given at the same time as other vaccinations.

Join the Polio drive with your child. Get him or she vaccinated at the right age to make this nation Polio Free.

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