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How Pulse Candy Became the Eye Candy Of Indians?

Here are 5 important factors that made Pulse candy cross the 100 crore mark with zero marketing budget


  • The Unique taste
  • Market research
  • Marketing strategy
  • Social media presence
  • Packaging

The Pulse Candy, whenever we hear this name, our mouth gets filled with the flavor of Kaccha Aam with masala. But do you know, this company did a business of 100 crore with zero marketing budget in just 1 year. But the question is how?

When this candy was launched, the hard-boiled candy market in India was growing at 14% year on year.

It had 2 big segments

1. Kaccha Aam- 26% share

2. Pakka Aam- 24% share

It was confirmed that they have a launch with raw mango. In India, a fruit is incomplete without masala salt. The Pulse cracked this point.

Here are 5 important factors that made Pulse candy cross the 100 crore mark with zero marketing budget.

The Unique taste

If you have eaten pulse candy then your taste buds must be familiar with its taste. It may appear like a normal candy, but the aasli magic lies between it. When you eat it raw mango taste is felt but gradually a unique masala comes out which creates a bomb.

Already enjoying it!

Market research

The journey of success started with market research. People from Gujarat and Rajasthan eat such tangy foods like in pickles.  Therefore, the popularity of pulse travels from Gujarat, Rajasthan to Maharashtra, Telangana, Uttar Pradesh and even to Delhi. The taste palettes of everyone were captured by this raw mango taste with masala. Behind this candy you will see a company logo that is DS (Dharampal Satyapal) Group which is no stranger to the confectionery sector.

This DS Group makes products like Rajanigandha, and Catch masala. Due to Rajanigandha they have a big distribution network of Pan masala. They also had masala expertise since they made Catch masala. Therefore, they understood people’s taste pallets and a big shops network that they leveraged to popularize pulse candy. They started a campaign. If any smoker or customer comes to shop and asks for candy then they should only get pulse candy.

Marketing strategy

India is using money as a medium of exchange to obtain goods. Still, shopkeepers are using candies for when we do not have change. Shopkeepers start handing over specific pulses to customers.

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DS Group is a large company and has many Rajanigandha’s loyal customers. Many pan shop customers work as their registered distributors. Therefore, they reached 50 crores within 6 months of launch.

Social media presence

Their marketing budget is zero, but gradually they understood that without social media presence they will not survive. So, they started posting memes, and viral posts on social media with minimal digital media budget. Now, pulse was getting viral and hence increasing its popularity.

Kaccha Aam flavor was immensely popular by now. So, they launched another flavor that is Kaccha Amrodh with kala namak. This flavor also rocked between the customers.


With unique taste, their packaging also played a major role. They had chosen a neon color for wrapping the candy. If you are going to buy a candy from a store, the pulse candy immediately attracts your eyeballs. When they launched it, the normal candy in the Indian market was available at ₹0.50. However, pulse candy was available for ₹1. It was bigger than normal candy that weights up to 4gm.

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They cracked the distribution, product innovation, packaging was sparkling, pricing was high, but still they were successful because they kept more weight. Market was achieved overall from popularity, which had less expense but more strategy and became the taste of everybody’s mouth.

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