PUBG Lite version will soon be available in India: PUBG Lite VS Fortnite

PUBG Lite Version is coming to India: PUBG lovers, are you listening?

PUBG Lite Version will soon be made available in India. PUBG Lovers, are you listening. A lot of people were not able to play PUBG due to its heavy hardware. Well, for all those there is a good. The lite of PUBG has been officially launched. PUBG Mobile Lite is now available on google play store, but it can be downloaded in only selected regions.

Everything you need to know about PUBG Lite Version

The game is available on play store and it is showing 30 MB in Size and it would compatible with the phones running on Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich.  Notably, the current version of the game available is 0.5.0.  The PUBG Lite version is currently available only in Philipines but it would be soon launched in India. After the launch of Lite Version, the game is sure to gain more popularity and subscription.

PUBG Lite Version India

PUBG VS Fortnite

Well, PUBG finally has competition from Fortnite. Game Fortnite was announced was announced for Android along with the Galaxy 9. Interestingly, it will be  Samsung exclusive till August 12. After that, it would be available to other devices too which will fulfill certain requirements.

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Another thing that gamerholics need to note is, PUBG lite will available on Google play store. On the other hand, Fortnite is not available on the Google play store. It is there on Epic games website where the users need to download APK.  Notably, PUBG doesn’t support crossplay which means when you are playing the game on your smartphone, you are only competing with other smartphone gamers. On the other hand, Fortnite allows cross play which means when you are playing fortnite, you will be competing with gamers playing the game on the PC, PS4, and iOS device.


Due to Crossplay, gamers on the smartphones may be at a disadvantage. Because someone playing on the PC has the precision of the Keyboard and mouse on their side.  Also, the network is always an issue. PUBG vs Fortnite? What will you choose?

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