Psychological take on loving two people at the same time

Psychological take on loving two people at the same time: Everything you need to know 

It’s a little weird but its true. You can fall for two people at the same time. If you haven’t experienced, don’t judge people who have. Believe or not- there are people who have feelings for two people at the same time. Earlier, a lot of stigmas were attached to it but these days it has become common. thanks to access and opportunity of meeting new people more often. Our generation meets new people every second day and we make connections, right? So, the feeling hits us when we least expect it.

Feeling for two people at same time

A lot of people ask, is it even possible? How can someone invest emotions in two people at the same time? Your life was sailing smoothly and then someone new comes into your life. This someone could be at your workplace, someone you met while traveling or at any other situation, and you started feeling something that you shouldn’t feel. Have you ever gone through this kind of feeling? If yes, then it’s normal. There is nothing to be ashamed. It has nothing to do with moral values.

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Psychological take on loving two people at the same time

According to some leading psychologists, it is completely normal to feel for two people at once. We are complicated beings and it is possible that two different traits in two different people appeal to us.  One can be in an established relationship and can still fall in love with someone else.

How to deal with it?

Well, juggling between two people can be emotionally tiring for you. It can also be fun and addictive but in the end, you need to choose one person. It’s true that we could get carried away in passion, but companionate love wins in the end.  The only way to choose is – You need to understand what do you really want from your relationship. Make your decision with an honest heart and a clear mind.

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