Proud of Secular Credentials, India rejects US report on religious freedom


MEA spokesperson, Raveesh Kumar slammed the US report on religious freedom

India rejected the US report on religious freedom for India in which they reported that some senior leaders from BJP made inflammatory speeches against the minority. Spokesperson for Ministry of External Affairs, Raveesh Kumar slammed the report of US State Department.

Raveesh Kumar said, “India is proud of its secular credentials. We are also proud of us being the largest democracy with a pluralistic society which stands for tolerance.  The Indian Constitution gives fundamental rights to each and every individual including minority communities.”

Raveesh said that India is proud of its democratic establishment

He also added that India is widely acknowledged for its vibrant democracy and the protection provided to religious freedom for its citizens. Democratic law protects and promotes fundamental rights.

The media head of BJP and Rajya Sabha MP Anil Baluni also slammed the report and said the report of US State Department is biased against the Narendra Modi and the BJP.

US report on religious freedom suggested that the administrator has failed to prosecute the offender

The religious freedom report also suggested that mob attacks by violent Hindu extremists group against minority continued whole year (2018). It said that authorities failed to prosecute the offender of “cow vigilante attacks” which took the lives of many people.

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Raveesh Kumar, MEA Spokesperson also said, India has an independent and pro-active judiciary. Modi government is the advocate of the “Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas.

The annual report of the US State Department is presented to the US Congress. The report covers the policies of the government which violates the practices of groups, religious beliefs. It promotes religious freedom across countries in the World.

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