Pros And Cons Of Social Networking Websites

Here are few pros and cons of social networking website

Everything in this world has some pros and cons. Today, social media is taking the world by storm. It has completely taken over our lives. There are so many social networking websites available today, and all the information around us is just a click away. But these websites too have disadvantages. Here are few pros and cons of social networking websites, take a look .

Social networking sites
Social networking sites

Pros of social networking websites

• It helps students to connect with other education system. In one click they get to know much information which is very essential for them as a student.

• It helps in making new friends, and also helps to communicate with our old friends.

• People have different of opinions but these websites can help you to get out of some worse conditions.

• You can really help someone by stating your opinions on a blog.

• You can educate somebody by various methods.

• You can give mass invitation online for the various events.

• According to a survey, 59% of students with access to internet have reported that they use social networking sites for educational purpose regarding their career and future planning, and 50% use the sites just to discuss their school assignment.

• You can find people with common field of interest. Now -a- days social media dating is more common as compared to traditional dating.

• Information can be transferred quickly from one place to another.

Cons of social networking websites

• A lot of fake information is also circulated on the social network which is very harmful for us.

• Cyber crime has also increased because of the social network.

• A lot of profiles are hacked by the hackers.

• Privacy remains at stake. If your profile is not private then anybody can get your private information.

• Now-a- days school students are joining social network websites that result in lower grades.

• People are becoming lethargic because of this; they usually spend time on social sites rather than going outside in their leisure time.

The best part is pros for social media overweigh the cons. You can ignore the drawback and step forward for the pros because everything in this universe has some drawbacks and social network too have some.

Social media is a perfect and strong platform to exchange ideas, thoughts, and information. Many businesses are running because of the social networks.

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