Pros And Cons Of Living Alone

Pros And Cons Of Living Alone

At some point in our lives, we have lived alone, even if it was for a day. Many of us live away from our family, in a new cities as students, bachelors and spinsters for studies or for the job. So we take up accommodations like hostels, individual flats or as paying guests. Many people live alone during this time.


Me time

Living alone has both positive and negative aspects. Living alone is a huge responsibility once you come out and start living alone. At home, when you were living with your families, the responsibilities were considerably subdued because of parents or other family members. But once you start living alone, there are many things that one has to keep in mind.

Living alone can be blissful, if you are a creative person. There are thousands of things that you can do, if you are alone. The “Me time” is always yours. You can read books, play games, paint, write poems, stories, and other literary forms, listen to music, play instruments, sing, dance; the list goes on. All depends on what interests you. You are free to take night strolls and stand in the balcony or the terrace and ponder the sky and introspect.

Pros And Cons Of Living Alone

Walking in solitude

You can experiment with different recipes and cook whacky (and sometimes charred) dishes. Call friends over, for a movie marathon or a discussion. If you like to eat out, you can explore different places, eat different food and live happily.

But sometimes, the solitude can make you melancholic. It can be even more depressing during the holidays, like Christmas, as you would see everyone having a good time with their family and friends. But trust me, there are many perks of staying alone during holidays. You can party as much as want to. Most of the people party on Christmas night anyway. You should enjoy the solitude but not try to change it to loneliness, as it gives way to depression, eating and sleeping disorders and other metal and health issues.

There are things that you can do, in order to stay happy. You can go to the market and observe people. Sit in the coffee shops and read books over a cup of coffee. You socialize and make friends in the café itself! You can also call your friends and meet them over drinks, or parties. You should also make sure that you have someone around, in case you get sick. You can call them so that they can take care of you, during these times.

Try to be outgoing and extrovert, if you stay alone. It is the best way to balance your mental and social life. Mix and blend with people, there are many who would like to talk. But that’s that.

Pros And Cons Of Living Alone

Self Introspection

You should explore outside to find yourself within. Go to places which are scenic, serene and soulful. Sit in those places and feel the happiness that’s triggered without any reason, apart from the beautiful surroundings, and you might realize it then; the reason is YOU.

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