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Project uP is shaping lives & giving wings to Dreams: You can contribute to make a difference

Project uP, an NGO which is gifting Smile to others & it really matters

Everybody’s definition of ‘Happiness’ is different. We all know happiness is a journey, not a destination and we can get it even with the smallest of efforts. You don’t have to wear expensive clothes to be happy, you can be happy with making someone smile. In a time, when everything is hazy and life seems to be unpredictable (we are talking about corona crisis), there are people, who are working relentlessly to make this world a better place.  Recently, we came across Project uP, an organization working for underprivileged kids. They started off in March 2019. So far, they have impacted 4300 young lives and they continue to touch many more even in corona crisis.

Here is a sneak peek into their journey and the kind of work they are doing, take a look

Project uP is a social enterprise which was established in March 2019 aiming at child welfare and urban slum development. The work that they do is carried out in accordance of SDG 4, Quality education for all. Basically, they work on four verticals: Research, Social media, Events and Design, and Outreach and Collaboration. Project uP works through on-field projects, extensive research and social media campaigns.

Talking about the On-field strategy, they teach the children implementing their holistic educational model. Online, they collaborate with different organisations and think tanks. Apart from this, they also work on policy recommendations for various governmental organisations.  They have their own journal and even carry out social media campaigns on other important issues such as Mental Health awareness, LGBTQIA+ rights, Child Rights, etc.

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No matter what we do, It’s the heart that matters & that is their USP

Giving away things from one privileged corner to an underprivileged one is easy, right? But it doesn’t give wings to dreams, it doesn’t make kids believe in themselves. And that’s exactly they don’t do. Project uP believes in creating an emotional connection. They are trying to make a larger impact. Interestingly,  they try to make at least one kid smile and make them believe that they are capable of dreaming again and achieving whatever they want.

“We are grateful that we are able to make a lot more children smile whenever we are around them. What makes our field-visits unique is the holistic pedagogy that we have developed. At uP, we believe that “No matter what we do, It’s the heart that matters”, says Vardaan Shekhawat, Founder President.

The Impact of Relentless Efforts

Until now, they have diversified their approach to over four sites and impacted more than 4300 young lives in and around Delhi NCR through their countless initiatives.

Contribute and make a difference

If one wants to volunteer at uP, They can fill out the form that is available on their website, They can also look out for updates on hiring on their social media platform as well.  The procedure is followed by an interactive session with the candidate and the team members.

Corona crisis didn’t take away their spirit

Since COVID happened, the team could not really go out on the field and instead of sitting back with no work, they decided to make people aware of the cause through their social media. Interestingly, they successfully carried out over 5 partnerships in the area of research, social welfare and education. Talking more about it, Vardaan Shekhawat said, “Our collaboration also focuses on creating an impact on the online audience by spreading awareness about sensitive topics. Our research team has successfully consulted governmental organisations, like the Ministry of State for Home Affairs, through Policy briefs and Policy Recommendations.”

He further added, “we also carried out a research internship where we trained the interns and produced 16 research papers and detailed models of social entrepreneurship projects. In the near future, we plan to carry out a Policy Research Bootcamp for high schoolers, and making them understand how big of an impact their research can create.”

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