Why Encouragement is always required to create a productive Workplace?

How regular encouragement can create a productive workplace?

The success of any organization depends on the employees it has. If the employees are happy, they will be more productive at work. It will ultimately benefit the organization, right? There are a lot of people who put their heart and soul to the work they do, but they lack professional degrees. So, does it make them any less of a productive employee?
I started off my career at a very young age and I am still a workaholic. What I lacked was a professional degree. After spending many years in the service industry, I understood behind every successful organization it is the employee who puts his or her heart and soul to it.  Of course, managers are an integral part of the process. But a lot of times the employee doesn’t get the recognition. It is important to acknowledge their efforts.
My learning from a long career is, the success depends on how you treat your employees. Only professional relationship cannot keep it going, you need to give your relationship a personal touch. Talking about their plans, asking for their advice, and making them part of a huge success can do wonders for their productivity & will bring magic to your organization.
With this piece, I want to spread the positivity towards that every signal employee who is a very important part of an organization. If we make them feel so and if their manager can understand their capabilities and positively assign them work to the best of their capabilities, it will definitely make an impact.
Giving them a Little appreciation and reward can make them feel proud and motivated to work. They will go beyond their comfort zone and will become much more productive. Sharing this confidently because of my own experience, someone trusted me and I have performed and I have trusted my team to make them friendly,cooperative & happy human beings.
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