Production for Samsung galaxy note 7 suspended

Production for Samsung galaxy note 7 suspended

Production for Samsung galaxy note 7 suspended:- After multiple cases of the Samsung device explosion due to excessive battery heating, the makers have finally decided to suspend its production for a while.

The sales for the device have been halted and the already sold devices are being replaced by Samsung’s other products or refunded.

The manufacturer initially offered replacement for the defected devices, but apparently even the replacement sets also reportedly burnt to flames due to the same cause.

Production for Samsung galaxy note 7 suspended
Note 7 production suspended due to explosion cases

US phone carriers AT&T and T-mobile has also stopped the sales of the device but is not offering any replacement to the customers rather is providing refunds or replacing the already sold handsets with another ones of the same brand.

Global recall of 2.5 million devices of Samsung note 7s was issued by Samsung last month after the multiple cases of phone explosion due to battery heating were registered.
Note 7 was launched in the market on August 19 but faced the market recall within a month in the US.

Post more than 100 reports of device explosion, replacement devices were called but faced resistance by Southwest airlines flight which was grounded due to smoking note 7 devices.

Note 7 was reported to be one of the most advanced and expensive products of its kind and this bizarre halt to its production proved to be a big blow for Samsung, which has spent years for building a reputation for innovation and quality.

Production for Samsung galaxy note 7 suspended
More than 100 cases of explosion registered

Adding to the humiliation were the images of charred Note 7 that were posted on Social Media platforms.

Samsung has already encountered the loss of $25 billion in the market value due to multiple failures of note 3 and the recall might as well cost it around a billion dollars.

Now it would be interesting to see what plan Samsung will entail to retrieve its brand image after this blunder.

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