Priyanka Gandhi spends night in Mirzapur guest house

Priyanka gandhi in Mirzapur

Everything Priyanka said while spending the night in Mirzapur for meeting the families of victims

Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi spent the night in the Mirzapur after she was stopped to visit the families of victims of the clash in Sanbhadra. Senior government officials met Priyanka Gandhi and tried to talk things out but the General Secretary of Congress said She won’t leave until she meets the families of victims. Government officials asked her to go Varanasi because of the unavailability of Air-conditioned room but he stood still on her decision of meeting the families.

In a series of tweets, Priyanka attacked the UP government in Mirzapur

In a series of tweets late night, she lashed out at the UP government.  Priyanka Gandhi tweeted that ADG Varanasi Shree Brij Bhusan, Commissioner Deepak Agarwal, and DIG of Mirzapur asked her to go back without meeting the families of victims. She also wrote that neither has she been said on what grounds she has been arrested and neither they have given any documents related to it.

She posted a video Saturday morning where the families of victims are seen crying. She said wrote ‘Is it wrong to wipe away tears ”

I am willing to go to jail to meet families of victims

The General secretary also said that “I want to clear one thing that I will not violate section 144 and go there with only three people.Can go to jail if the government wants for meeting the people. I will nor furnish any bail amount;. Not even a single penny.”

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The Sonbhadra firing incident took place in Ubhha Village in Sonbhadra district where the head of the village attacked the locals with almost 50-60 people. There was a land dispute between locals and “Pradhan”. Pradhan had come with 32 tractors to plough the field but locals opposed which led to firing and killing of 10 people & injuring 25 people.

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