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Priyanka Chopra dating Nick Jonas and this proves that age is just a number!

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Actress Priyanka Chopra is dating singer Nick Jonas so what’s the big deal? 

Well, according to a latest buzz, actress Priyanka Chopra is dating American singer-songwriter, Nick Jonas. Both of them are following each other on Instagram and never leave a chance to comment on each other photos.

These gestures by them give more fuel to the news. There alleged love life is going through a lot of criticisms too. People are trolling them on social media because of the age gap between the two. Well, Priyanka Chopra is 35 and her rumored boyfriend is 25. This huge age difference has raised many eyebrows. Does one’s age matter in love? Of course, not if two adult individuals consciously choose their mates we are no one to judge. Unfortunately, we are a part of judgmental society.

(Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas, Representative Image)

Nick Jonas, who was recently spotted accompanying Priyanka to a basketball match in Los Angeles, appears to be a fan of Priyanka’s smile (just like all of us) and he just put it in words in the comments section of a photo Instagrammed by Priyanka recently. “That smile,” he commented on the photo in which she can be seen chilling with her “fav girls” Anjula Acharia and Mubina Rattonsey. It seems both of them are new lovebirds of the town. Priyanka had returned the favor a while back actually, commenting on Nick Jonas’ photo from last week. She made two picks from the emoji collection for her comment.

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Last week, photos of Priyanka and Nick chilling at a yacht party went crazy viral and sent the Internet into some sort of a meltdown. After reviewing the photos, netizens had just one thing to ask: “Are they dating?” There was one more viral video of the duo entering the Dodgers Stadium in Los Angeles’ for a basketball that added fuel to the news.

Well, if the news is true and not just a rumor, we wish them a beautiful love life ahead

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