Priyanka Chopra Birthday Special: 8 Tips Every Bride-to-be Should Take from her

Priyanka Chopra Birthday Special: 8 things every Bride-to-be should learn from Priyanka Chopra


  • Hydrate well
  • There is no certain age to get married
  • Ultimately, it’s about #FamJam

Priyanka Chopra Birthday Special: Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas recently enjoyed a fabulous couple getaway at a lovely island resort. The island trip is just one example of examples how they adore each other and don’t miss a single chance to make each other feel special.

Apart from this, the new mom is embracing her motherhood and enjoying her life to the fullest.

However, we cannot forget the day, when Nick and Priyanka were tied in the Janam-Janam ka Bandhan shutting each and every troll.

Well, our desi girl is an inspiration for the millions of girls out there and we can learn so many things from her. However, as we can’t resist adoring her bridal glow, there are also some things every bride-to-be should remember before saying ‘I Do’.


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On Priyanka Chopra Birthday Special, Here are 8 things that every bride-to-be should learn from her, take a look:

1. Hydrate well

Have you seen the flawless pictures of Priyanka Chopra? Her skin and glossy hair are a match made in hydration heaven. So, it is important to hydrate yourself well. Drink water as much as you can to get flawless skin. Also, use the right products for beautiful hair.

2. Compatibility with your partner is important and age is just a number

Yes, there are so many factors that make a relationship successful but the most important factor is compatibility. If you and your partner are on the same page, then things would definitely work.

3. There is no certain age to get married

Priyanka is 36 and is all set to take the plunge. There is no certain age to get married. You should get married when you are prepared for it. The right frame of mind is important to get married.


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4. Check your financial stability before taking your relationship to the next level

Priyanka Chopra is a financially independent woman. She has earned money and fame with her dedication. She is financially stable and it is very important in today’s era.

5. Ultimately its about #FamJam

When it comes to keeling head and heels high, Priyanka just nailed it. While studying at an American school she was mocked and bullied for being brown. But now, she is a Hollywood star and millions of people from every colour are her fans. Even after marriage, she assured to behold her identity as Priyanka Chopra and not just Priyanka Chopra Jonas.

6. Financial independence is must

From a young age, Priyanka was taught to earn her own money and not be dependent on anyone for it. It doesn’t matter whose daughter you are. It doesn’t matter who you marry. You will be financially independent.


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7. Marriage is not the end of career

Well, many actresses before Priyanka had defied this statement. We are happy to see that she continued the legacy. She bagged many international and national projects post marriage.

8. Ultimately, it’s about #FamJam

Family comes first. No matter who you are, there is one thing that always remains with us: our family. Priyanka has always balanced her personal and professional life. Every bride-to-be should learn this from her.

Do not forget to check-out PeeCee’s vacation pics with hubby. We assure you will fall in love with her again.

Lucky you Jonas!

Happy Birthday Desi Girl!

Edited By- Ayushi Mittal

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