Candid Chat with Madhurima Jain, Author of ‘Princess Mandira – Destiny’s Child’

Divine power of Lord Shiva behind penning down ‘Princess Mandira – Destiny’s Child’: Madhurima Jain

In the series of exclusive interviews, we have brought a candid chat with the debutant author of historical-fiction ‘Princess Mandira – Destiny’s Child’.  The author- Mahurima Jain has talked about his story on how she ended up writing a book tackling the challenges. The inspiring tale Madhurima Jain once again stamps on the saying that there is no age of writing a book.

The author was born in a traditional and conservative Jain family in Kolkata but she hails from the land of Rajputs, Rajasthan. She completed her graduation from Jadavpur University and got married to a man of her family’s choice. She had to move to New Delhi after the marriage. She was passionate about décor and design which motivated her to found a company that created event decor.  She ran this company for 20 years. Madhurima Jain refused to bow down in the face of adverse circumstances of her failed marriage and sons migrating to another city for the sake of jobs. She even had to sell her business because of her illness.

How the idea for writing ‘Princess Mandira – Destiny’s Child’ came?

Son of the author always use to tell her that she is a good story-teller and she should write a book, At first, the author thought that her son was humouring her but an incident changed her thought about it. Madhurima Jain met a 13-old-girl somewhere who asked the author to tell a story. The author recited some parts of her story. Then, the girl went to Mumbai and the author came back to New Delhi. The girl wasn’t able to sleep or concentrate as she wanted to know more about the story. The teenage girl called the author and asked her to complete the story on the phone. This got the author thinking and then she started writing the Book.

The Book ‘Princess Mandira – Destiny’s Child’ is about a princess who takes birth in a royal Rajput family. Philosophy is done that the girl will marry a foreigner. The family decides to kill their child to keep their honour and culture intact. Rajguru saves the girl and brings her up by adopting her. The girl grows up in the Ashram as a warrior thinking that she is a normal child.

A small review of Book

The book’s protagonist also coincidently depicts the story of the author and puts her strong will and grit despite facing immense hardships. There is a similarity between the author and Mandira as they both share a never-give-up attitude. The narrative of the ‘Princess Mandira – Destiny’s Child’ flows like butter with dramatic pauses and highs. The language is simple yet produces a thoughtful story.  The gripping story will grab your attention in the first few pages only. It is packed with rich-cultural habits, myths and traditions which will leave you wanting for the second part of the book.

Yes, you read it right. There are two parts of ‘Princess Mandira – Destiny’s Child’. The first part of book is currently available online on Amazon, Flipkart, and major offline stores like Oxford Bookstore in CP and Crossword Book Store in Noida. The book is also available online on Amazon in US and UK.  The author is currently finishing the second part of the book. There are reports that history-fiction might get converted in to a movie.

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Women power has always been there in India, I have realized it now: Madurima Jain

When asked about exploring other genres, she said that she will definitely explore different genres but they will be women based.  She said “I have realized the power of women. However, women power has always been there. I have now experience it myself.  In India, we worship women and consider them ‘Devi (goddess).

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