‘Premarital Sex’: Stop considering it as a taboo

Why “Premarital sex” is still considered as a taboo in India?


  • Premarital Sex and stigmas attached to it
  • India is the land Kamasutra
  • It’s not exclusively for married

We Indians still feel conscious about discussing sex publicly. Though we guys strongly support sex education, but do we really support it? Actually, we all show hypocritical behavior at some point of time. Sex is just like food, and we need it for our survival. We come from the land of Kamasutra and yet, sex is a taboo here. It is a matter of shame, especially the disgrace associated with premarital sex.

There is nothing wrong in premarital sex. Do you really think that marriage give you full -fledged right for having sex with your partner? Do you think marriages are only about sex? We are not saying everyone should have premarital sex. Those who think they should wait it out shall, by all means. It is a matter of personal preference, after all. All we are saying is that our society needs to be a lot more accepting about it. Here’s why we need stop making premarital sex such a big deal.

Representative Image of sex
Representative Image of sex

1. Sex is believed to be exclusive to married people in India. Yes, we hope you all are familiar with concept of wedding night! A lot of Indian men see marriage as a license to have sex. And that is really heartbreaking. Maximum people in India get married only so they can have guilt-free sex. It has two consequences – one, they choose their partners for the wrong reasons. Secondly, they feel entitled to have sex whenever they want once they are married because they have been told that’s what marriages are for. This should be understood that at some point of time life, you need a partner to have sex and in this context premarital sex is right practice.

2. As we have mentioned above, we are humans and it is basic instinct to want to have sex. It is healthy and perfectly normal. We need to stop treating sex like a ‘prize’ that we get only once we get married. According to renowned psychologist Sigmund Freud, sex is like a hunger that should be fulfilled.

3. Accept this fact that physical intimacy is as important as emotional connect. Relationships are not only about hangouts, candle light dinners but sexual compatibility plays huge rule in a perfect relationship. Bad sex can ruin a marriage, and it is always better to know what you are getting yourself into.

4. We need to stop thinking that our dignity lies between our legs. If you have premarital sex that doesn’t mean you are cheap. Losing our virginity does not make us any less worthy of respect than virgins. It is okay to not end up with someone you have had sex with. It is not immoral.

Do not consider it as a taboo
Do not consider it as a taboo

5. Don’t compare premarital sex with casual sex. We should not make a big deal out of premarital sex for the simple reason that the more you stop people from doing something, the more you make them want to do it. Our society has been unknowingly and unnecessarily creating a big mystery around sex – giving it more importance than it actually deserves. We need to stop being so afraid of humans having sex.

6. Most important point sex is not what marriages stand for. Time is changing, and people today, want to take time to focus on their careers before they decide to settle down. Some of us do not even believe in the idea of marriage, but that does not necessarily mean we don’t believe in relationships or companionship. Today, young people believe in true relationships, and for them having sex before or after marriage doesn’t really matter.

7. Well, we too believe in moral values that our ancestors gave us. We are not ‘promoting’ premarital sex and ‘ruining’ Indian ‘culture’. We just want to say that time has changed and people have evolved. What made sense once may not necessarily hold valid now. Culture should be ever-evolving. It was this very Indian culture that suppressed women, burnt widows alive in the name of sati, and promoted child marriages. But things changed, and for the better.

If we talk about real picture of India, then it is a place where it is completely okay to let your 24 -year old daughter sleep with her newly-wed husband, but not with her long term boyfriend. India is often called the land of hypocrites when it comes to matters related to sex. We are creators of Kamasutra. After marriage the same act of sex is considered sacred, but if done before marriage, it is considered a taboo, and all of this is only because, “log kya kahenge?”

It’s a high time we Indians have to broaden our horizons

When two people love each other, their emotional intimacy is not solely going to help them get through their lives. Two bodies need to connect as well. Most humans are ‘pleasure starved’.
Living in guilt of wanting to do something but not being able to do it because of societal barriers isn’t going to do any good to anyone.

Here is why you should take premarital sex normal:

It’s healthy and natural

Wanting to have sex or getting intimate with someone is an absolute natural thing. It’s a natural phenomenon guys. After all, we too, are a result of a sexual union, aren’t we? So, there is nothing wrong in it.

The risk of extramarital sex

According to one of leading survey on extramarital affairs, 23% men confessed that they were having one as opposed to 8% women. Moreover, out of these, 37% women said that their spouses knew about their affair while 69% men chose to keep it a closed affair.

Your virginity has got nothing to do with your dignity

Keep this thing in your mind that premarital sex has nothing do with your dignity. For those of you who think your virginity is your dignity, let me ask you, how dignified have you been behind closed doors?
Secret to happiness

Few facts suggests that having sex is equivalent to have an extra $50,000 in your bank account. So much happiness in just a couple of minutes, how cool is that, isn’t it?

It keeps the doctor away

Yes, sex keeps you healthy as well. Sex does not just make you happy, it also helps you live longer, release stress and boost your immunity. Having sex regularly is also one of the secrets to a healthy heart.

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