1 in 10 women have had a Miscarriage Globally, Precautions to Reduce Risks of Miscarriage

1 in 10 women have faced one miscarriage, 1 in 50 have faced two globally, Precautions to Reduce Risks of Miscarriage

Motherhood is certainly one of the most beautiful experiences for a woman. A pregnancy brings us a lot of hopes and a feeling of responsibility in itself, obviously, when it is a wanted pregnancy. And losing it to a miscarriage can certainly be the worst thing that could happen. Researches show that 1 in 10 women have miscarriage globally, and while officials believe that this number is even higher. Then, it also shows that one in 50 women have experienced two miscarriages and a fraction of less than 1% have even been through three miscarriages. And the physical and mental toll because of a miscarriage has always been silent. Here are the precautions to reduce the risk of miscarriage.

Precautions to Reduce Risks of Miscarriage

1. Eat Right

Eating the right, nutritious food, not just during the pregnancy but throughout is very important for women. Women should essentially have a planner for a balanced diet, as the process is closely related to the menstruation cycle, and would need the mother’s healthy body to conceive a child. And during the pregnancy too, eating the right food should be ensured. Doctors should be consulted for the right planner of what to eat and what not to eat.

2. Extra care, if you had a miscarriage before

If you have a history of miscarriages, then you would be needing to be a little more careful. See your doctor and discuss your last pregnancy and the reasons for the miscarriage. If it is recurring, your doctor will suggest the right step to take. But don’t delay seeing a doctor after pregnancy.

3. Keeping a tap on the caffeine consumption, especially before conceiving

Caffeine is known to increase the risks of miscarriage and even leads to low birth weight. So, limiting the consumption of caffeine would be the prevention you should be taking.

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4. Exercising regularly

Pregnancy does not mean not exercising or saying no to physical activities at all. A basic routine of exercise is always required during the pregnancy. Consult your doctor or a physical health expert for what are the right exercises for your body.

5. Quit Alcohol, smoking, or any other substance

Smoking, alcohol, or any other substance can be very harmful during pregnancy. American Journal of Epidemiology’s reports suggests that each cigarette smoking can increase the risk of miscarriage by 1%. Substances of any kind can end up being a big reason for the miscarriage.

6. Maintaining a healthy weight

Well, weight management is not something you can ensure in one day. So, while preparing for your pregnancy, try to plan out the things you need to do to maintain a healthy weight cycle. This will require working on the diet, sleep cycle, the physical activities you are doing throughout your day.

7. Maintaining hygiene

Hygiene is often overlooked but good hygiene always plays a role in ensuring a healthy pregnancy. It can include simple steps like washing hands regularly and keeping the surroundings clean and healthy.

8. Taking about the medications regularly

Many women ignore the medications prescribed in light of finding pregnancy as a natural process. But a child and the women’s body need additional nutrition to meet the healthy pregnancy needs. Hence, taking the medicines on time should be ensured.

Well, a miscarriage is not in control of anyone. You can only take precautions to make it a successful pregnancy. The mental pain of a miscarriage is perhaps unbearable for a family and taking all precautions to avoid that situation is worth it.

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