Pre-wedding functions you should definitely try at your own wedding!

Pre- Wedding Functions that will make your marriage ceremony a happening event

A wedding is the best thing that happens in one’s life. Getting hitched to your loved one is like a dream come true. Pre-wedding are usually the time when the groom’s and the bride’s extended families meet for the first time. They try to get along with each other. And, games are now a major trend at most weddings. So, why not include them in your pre-wedding functions like sangeet or Mehendi to lighten up the atmosphere.

We have put together a list of games that you can arrange between the ladkewalas and the ladkiwalas during your pre-wedding functions. Yes, you should try it once. You can either have them all in one day or pick a few for different days. No matter what you choose, your entire family would have endless fun and laughter to look forward to.

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1.Icebreaker – find your partner

So, the first game on the list is – ‘Icebreaker’. Going around introducing each one of your family members to each other’s side is practically impossible. Arrange for an icebreaker game like “Find Your Partner” to liven up the atmosphere. Trust us everybody would have a lot of fun.

How to play?

Take two different colored papers and make chits out of them. Write down the names of famous real or reel life couples like Ajay and Kajol, Saif and Kareena, Raj and Simran, Rahul and Anjali on different colored papers. For example:  If you write Raj on the blue-colored paper then write Simran on the pink-colored paper. Put the chits in two separate bowls and shuffle them. Distribute one set of colored chits to the ladkewalas and the other set of colored chits to the ladkiwalas. The pair that identifies each other first would be the winner.

2.A warm-up – guess who?

Yes, this is a game which is popularly known as a warm-up. Knowing names is not enough when both the families are going to be united soon. And is not it fun and nice to know that your husband’s cousin loves chicken tikka masala or is a die-hard fan of Shah Rukh Khan?

How to play?

Gather all your family members together in a close-knit circle. Let the MC stand in the center and drop clues about a family member like – “her favorite color is orange, she has watched each and every Ryan Gosling movie, and she is a grammar Nazi.” The ladkewalas and the ladkiwalas have to guess who that person is and to which side they belong. The side that gives the maximum number of correct answers wins!

3.A family that sticks together – Tug of war

When both the groom’s family aka the ladkewalas and the bride’s family aka the ladkiwalas are attending the pre-wedding functions, it would be a big loss to not engage them in a tug of war game.  How can we forget to include this game? It is not just perfect for everyone in the family, but also a great opportunity for some candid shots.

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How to play?

Arrange for a colorful rope and let both the sides have at least a minimum of 8 members each including kids. Let the ladkewalas and the ladkiwalas fight each other for something that belongs to the bride and the groom like a piece of bride’s jewelry or groom’s cufflink as a prize.

4.Eat, drink and be merry – eating/drinking game

A drinking game is a super-fun idea for the pre-wedding functions.  Just drink! There ought to be a few members in your family who cannot let a day pass by without a drink, and even if drinking is off limits in your family, you can replace the bottle of wine with non-alcoholic drinks. It will still be hilarious.

How to play?

Pair the girls or the boys, the uncles, the aunts, and whoever else you want from each side of the bride and the groom’s family. The side that drinks the maximum glasses wins and also gets the chance to give a dare to the losing side. If drinks don’t interest you much, you can instead have a paani puri eating competition.

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5.The traditional family bonding game – Antakshari

This is the best game we can include in the list. Families just bond. What is a wedding without a round of antakshari? This is one game that can bring families together like no other. It’s a classic game for the ladkewalas and the ladkiwalas to bond together. The music, the dance and the endless banters add a magical feeling to the atmosphere.

How to play?

Well, this is a classic game that everyone knows, we have grown up playing it. All you need are representatives from both the groom and the bride’s side and team them opposite each other. From kids to dadajis, everyone is going to love this.

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