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A lone Indian battles against Pakistani protestors in Germany, Video Inside  

He cited the epic Sehwag’s dialogue “Baap Baap Hota Hai”

A video of an Indian confronting a group of pro-Khalistanis and Pakistanis for protesting against India and PM Narendra Modi in Germany’s Frankfurt has gone viral. In the video, the Pakistani protestors are seen hurling abuses and trying to heckle Prashant Vengurlekar, the Indian who was recording them for raising slogans against India and Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Watch the video and feel proud of this Indian who stood ground against many Pakistanis

The Twitter post has got 31.8 thousand Retweets and comments and 91.7 thousand likes so far. Indian people are saluting the courage of Prashant Vengurlekar on Twitter and praising him for his efforts.

Prashant Vengurlekar, a civil engineer working with the German government wrote on his twitter handle that he alone opposed the shameful protest by Pakistanis in Frankfurt abusing India and Prime Minister Modi. He also wrote that he stood his ground despite aggression from the Pakistanis.

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What Prashant Vengurlekar spoke about the incident?

Prashant while talking to media narrated the whole story and said that he went to Frankfurt to celebrate Independence Day on August 15. There he saw Pakistanis protesting against India hurling abuses against our great nation. He started recording them, following which the protestors started insulting him and almost assaulted him. He told them the Sehwag’s epic reply to Shoaib Akhtar after Sachin Tendulkar hit him six on a bouncer, “Baap Baap Hota Hai.”

In a TV interview after the video went viral, he said that he wants to tell Pakistanis to live in peace as everyone in the world wants the same and there is no point of spreading hatred. He added that Kashmir is an integral part of India and Pakistan should forget about it.

Talking about the situation in Europe he said that, since the abrogation of Article 370, Pakistanis living in Europe don’t know how to handle the Kashmir issue. That’s why they have started protesting more and more but nobody listens to them. Even the European government doesn’t care about these protests.

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