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Power of positive thoughts: Experts reveal that thoughts can alter your reality!

Power of positive thoughts:  How to choose them wisely?

Power of positive thoughts: We often hear people saying- think positive, be positive and do not give up. But to be honest, it is not easy to do it all the time. When things do not work for us, it is hard for us to think positive and look at the brighter side, right? However, experts believe that one has to train their brain to choose positivity even at times when nothing is positive. You cannot learn it overnight. It is a process that one has to learn with practice.

You will surely encounter negative thoughts but you need to let them pass.  It is okay to get them every then and now, but you need to learn the art of letting go of negative thoughts.  Let us take a look at the power of positive thoughts and 5 thoughts that can change your life.

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 1. Everything is temporary just notice it: Right now, it may be a very tough time for you. Maybe you are going through relationship issues, sickness or lack of money. Even super successful people also experience it.  But what you need to remember is that it is all temporary. These low moments are seasons in your life and like all seasons of weather, this shall pass too.  When we were stuck in the pandemic, we kept patience and here we are almost covid free, right? So just take a deep breath and carry on.

2. Destroy fear by showing guts: Destroy your fear before it destroys you. A lot of times, it is all in our head and the reality is far different than what we think. In that case, you need to overpower your fear. Be it a fear of getting rejected, trusting someone else again or even taking risk of that new job.

3. Say yes even you don’t know how to do: Learn the power of yes. As you experiment with different ideas and activities, you will quickly learn what you like and what you don’t like. Then it is just a matter of doing more of what you are passionate about and the results will come from there. Saying yes and not having all the answers is how you find the path towards success.

4. Your purpose always starts with passion: Finding your purpose so you can be successful requires an element of passion. That comes from practising habits because you love them instead of actually aiming for success which is invisible without passion. Always be passionate.

5. Developing yourself is how you win: There is a reason why the self-development industry has taken off: it works and the successful people know it. Everything starts with you and unless you develop and grow, you will never adopt the habits, mindset or skills needed to master any pursuit. Working on yourself so you can make a fortune and give away money to things you care about. Legacy gives you a meaning for your life and it will also transform your entire perspective.

What you need to remember before you start practicing it?

Remember everything in life comes with a lot of practice. You cannot control your thoughts but you can set healthy boundaries for yourself by not paying a lot of attention to your negative thoughts. There are a plethora of books on the power of thoughts but the actual power lies in your hands. If you know how to choose your thoughts wisely keeping in mind that negative thoughts are part of the parcel, then your life will change. You can start with writing positive affirmations everyday. Be more grateful and appreciate little things in life to attract abundance.

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