Power of Thoughts

The Power of Positive Repetition Can Change Your Life

How do positive thoughts help us?

I have always heard everyone say –

Think positive

Think good

Be happy

Look at the bright side

See the cup as half full

I used to wonder why people keep saying this. What are its importance and implications? How do positive thoughts help us?

I read so many books, listened to scholars, and motivational gurus, which made me realize its importance. When I practiced it and started thinking in a different way, I could also feel the change as everything became so much happy and happening.


It is your thoughts that direct your future. What you think will manifest.

What You Repeat in Your Mind Can Affect Your Life?

It is about keeping an optimistic attitude. Positive thinking is all about seeing the good side of every situation and person. It is not only essential for your mental well-being, but also for your physical health and overall growth and development.

Words and thoughts that are repeated often get stronger by the repetitions, sink into the subconscious mind and affect the behaviour, actions and reactions of the person involved.

Self-talk is the best way to inculcate positive thinking in your daily routine. Repetition of positive thoughts continuously will help you synergize its power and achieve what once seemed to be impossible

The power of positive thoughts is immense and helps you achieve literally whatever you desire. Think what you want. Don’t take the stress and try to see good, even if the situation is unfavorable. See the positive side of the cunning people. Slowly it will change their attitude towards you. I bet.

There are many examples and successful personalities that give the credit of their success and glory to the power of positive thoughts.  I would like to enumerate some points to justify how positive thoughts help us.

“Optimism is a happiness magnet. If you stay positive, good things and good people will be drawn to you.”–Mary Lou Retton

Importance of positive repetition

Stress relief

I know there may be turbulent and stressful times in your life. Now you can not think about sunshine and the bright side when you are all surrounded by sadness and pain. Thinking positively will surely release the pain and give you mental relief in that stressful situation too.

Nothing is permanent and this too shall go.

Having an optimistic attitude will help you handle the situation better and also come out of it easily.

Promises a healthy lifestyle

People who think positive are less prone to diseases and chronic health issues like Blood pressure, diabetes, etc. The attitude of your mind and thoughts majorly decide your physical well-being. Positive thinking keeps you active and fresh always. You are more aware of your health and fitness.  Thus, healthy thoughts complement a healthy life and an attractive personality.

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Mentally fit

If we fill the mind with the dirt of negativity and frustration, it will surely get contaminated and thus we will fall sick. Whereas positive thoughts and happy feelings keep it distilled, fresh, flowery, healthy and active always.

Success and achievement of the goal

If you have learned how to speak positively, nothing on this planet can stop you from being successful and fulfill your desires. The universe helps those who never accept the defeat and keep on fighting with a positive spirit and full dedication.

Enjoy sweet relations and a big social network

Positive repetition and an optimistic attitude make you happy and jolly by nature, You become a magnetic personality as everyone likes to be in the company of a positive speaking and motivational person. You show less frustration and become more understanding. Thus, all relationships become stronger and sweeter than before.

Be wiser

I am not saying to put you inside the blanket and just sleep, ignoring all the realities of life. Be aware of the unpleasant situation and think about the ways to come out of it. Positive is not about ignoring the situation in totality, rather it is approaching the unpleasant things positively. This will help you resolve the problems in a better way.

You always think the best is going to happen and not the worst.

Self-talk is the best way to develop a positive approach in life. The stream of thoughts that drive your mind continuously is self-talk. It is the thoughts that keep ongoing in our subconscious mind that make us the person we are. The power of positive thinking and self-talk can be seen in ways of many tangible and intangible benefits.

How to develop a positive attitude?

  1. Check yourself: Assess your present situation and state of mind. The behavior and attitude towards work and people largely help in evaluating the mental condition. Focus on the positive angle of life.

  2. Listen to motivational gurus and read success stories: Motivational stories and listening to successful profiles motivate you to change your attitude towards life.

  1. Follow a healthy lifestyle: Mental awareness and activeness is developed if you are physically active. Regularly practice yoga and meditation to enhance your mental power and stability.

  2. Surround yourself with positive people: Positive people spread positivity and negative people spread negativity. Divert yourself from the people who put you down and always make you feel low and inferior. Instead, stay with people who have a positive attitude because they motivate you, make you feel happy and confident.

  3. Practice self-talk: Keep on repeating positive statements and uttering positive words. This will make it your habit and inculcate in your whole mind, body. They will train your subconscious mind to reflect positive thoughts only.

  4. Open yourself to humor: Watch entertainment shows and read humorous stories. Some fun is necessary to maintain a positive attitude in life. It helps to maintain zeal and vigor in life and helps you to develop a positive approach in life.


The key to happiness lies in your own hands. Learn how to think positively to make your life successful. Problems will come, but you will know how to address them and come out of it successfully.

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