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Power of ‘1- Minute’: Why people from all walks of life should follow it? 

Why BK Shivani always preaches the importance of 1- Minute?


We are living in a world where everyone is running behind the material things in life. In the chaos of overachieving, we often forget our peace of mind. We hardly make time for ourselves and that is one of the leading reasons why people are unhappy. We start our day with a plethora of thoughts and most of them are negative. But the shift of our thought process in our hands.


Taking out time for ourselves is extremely important. You have to take out time and could be as less as 1 minute. But dedicate some time to your peace of mind and experience the magic.


According to BK Shivani, we should spend one minute of silence before starting any work. Just one minute of silence and tranquillity will bring massive changes in your life.


Through her videos, she preaches people to stop and keep their mind still for just one minute before starting anything important. The power of this one minute will keep you positive, capable, and calm for the rest of your day.


Today, however, we create a chain of negative thoughts before doing anything. From any small activity to any big life decision, we prefer saying or creating a negative feeling. For example, even before we plan to go somewhere, we create a thought that we’ll find a lot of traffic. This thought becomes a thing, and you will find traffic on your way. It is how the universe works. We do not realize the power of thoughts.


How to begin new tasks?


Well, the beginning is the most crucial aspect of undergoing any activity. It is an old saying that, “Well begun is half done.”


It means, if we start work with a positive attitude and courage, we have already done half of the task. Beginnings are the toughest. A good beginning will itself keep the flow of work well.


However, if you do not welcome the work with a positive mindset, you are bound to face many obstacles throughout the task. The vice versa of the saying, if “Not well begun is hardly done.”


You should start something new with a minute of silence. In this one minute, do not let your mind wander here and there. Focus on the positives, and you’ll see everything going as planned.

As you spend this minute of silence, you become more aware of your thoughts. One minute of doing nothing makes you realize the thoughts that go through your head each day.


How positive thinking helps?


Most of the time, even before starting something, we think of how the same event went in the past and expect the same to happen this time. It creates wrong thoughts when we compare our present situation with what happened in the past.


For instance, you are getting late to go somewhere, as soon as you lit in the car, even before you start the engine, you say, “I am already late.”



Now, this thought of being late that you just created will actually make you reach late. Throughout your way, if you will find lights or traffic, you will be continuously thinking, I’ll get even later and so you keep on getting late.


Many people would think that when we know we have started late, it is obvious this thought would hit our mind. It is true, however, this thought can further disrupt your mental health.


Even if you know you are late, as you leave your house, say, “I will reach on time.” This one simple thought will completely change the way things work. Trust me, even if you get late in leaving, you’ll reach on-time 99.99%.


However, even if you do not reach on time, this time your mental health was not disturbed.


It is how a positive attitude helps. One positive thought can change the entire situation. You will see things getting done better than before with positivity.


How does positivity lead to success?


Positivity will always bring success to you. A positive mindset will never feel unsuccessful, no matter what the situation is. Here are a few ways in which positivity can lead to success.


  • Positive people are more energetic than people who knit negative thoughts. A positive person will always be more confident and dedicated to their goals. It is because they do not let setbacks affect them. Positive people find something beneficial in failures as well.


  • Your brain accords to what you feed with it. Your thoughts are the food for your brain. If you constantly feed it with negativity, it will lose its intelligence. A positive mindset opens up the brain and broadens the range of ideas that flow. It helps people in decision making and creativity. A creative person will definitely lead to success.


  • Positive people are more successful emotionally. They are more connected to others as they experience positive emotions. It helps them build better and lasting relationships at work, with family, or with friends. It also helps them in being successful people are more trusted and relied upon at workplaces.


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Overall Outlook

A positive attitude in every situation can be arduous, but worth it. The more you feed your mind and soul with positivity, the more relaxed, successful, and happy you will be. As quoted by BK Shivani, when we are about to go for an important task, we seek blessings from our elders. We think that it was their blessings that helped us get through the task.

In the same way, if we bless ourselves with positive thoughts and words, we will find happiness and success in every aspect of life. Therefore, do not underestimate the power of one minute of peace with self.

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