Power goes to AAP MLA’s head, behaves callously


A police assistant sub-inspector, Om Pal, was deputed to help manage security at a wedding function in the Rohtas Nagar area of Delhi. Apparently, AAP MLA Sarita Singh was there too. Accidently, the MLA’s car hit the motorcycle on which the ASI was riding while reversing. The matter should have ended there and then with a simple apology, as no one was hurt.

Power goes to AAP MLA’s head, behaves callously

However, soon things took an ugly turn, as the officer, who had to jump off his bike to save himself from being crushed, complained to the driver of the car. The driver, himself feeling above the law, went on the offensive, and soon a battle of words broke out.

The good MLA soon joined the fray, and allegedly used choice language on the Police officer. The entire event was recorded by a bystander on his mobile phone, and went viral.

The Police have now registered a FIR, and investigations and action will follow.

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