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Postpartum Depression: How long hormones last?

Post-pregnancy is a total emotional rollercoaster ride. Here we are to help you overcome your postpartum depression

After 9 long months of anticipation, having a glance of your baby for the first time will surely be one of the most memorable experiences of your life. The period after you give birth to a baby can be filled with numerous emotions. From joy to fear to sadness, you can feel anything.

Postpartum depression is a complex mix of physical, emotional and behavioural changes that happen in a woman after giving birth to a baby.

If you are also suffering from the postpartum depression, then here we are to help you cope up with your baby blues.

1. Reintroduce exercise

Exercising every day has many benefits to cure postpartum depression. It helps to strengthen and tone abdominal muscles. It boosts energy. It also helps to reduce the extra weight that you might have gained during pregnancy.

2. Eat well

Just eating healthy will not help you to cure postpartum depression. Along with that intake of nutritious food is a must. Go for greek yoghurt and other dairy products such as milk and cheese, they are the great source of protein and vitamin D.

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3. Embrace yourself

The stress of sleepless night and care-taking responsibilities can leave you in utter disgust. You may find yourself stuck breastfeeding or running all the time behind your baby. Do schedule some dedicated “me time” for yourself and hit your baby blues. Go for a walk, take a nap or just spend your time doing yoga or meditation.

4. Don’t compromise with sleep

Getting 8 hours of sleep a day might seem difficult when you are dealing with a newborn. But poor sleep cycle deteriorates your health. Resist the urge to do all the works that are pilling up and go to bed for a good nap.


Postpartum depression can be lonely, distressing and frightening but just seeing a smile on your little one’s face will help you to overcome this tough time gradually.

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