Post Workout Foods: Choose Right & Stay Fit!

Here are the 5 nutritious post-workout foods

Post Workout Foods: Health is a concept, which is restricted to just physical health. It includes our emotional, mental, intellectual, and spiritual health too. However, most of us are biased towards our physical health. No doubt, exercises, and workouts are necessary components of a healthy life, but usually, people ignore another major aspect of it, which is DIET. Here is a list of Post Workout Foods that you should include in your diet. 

Exercises and diet go hand in hand. Diet with no exercise will do no wonders to your body nor will exercise without diet be much effective. One must eat food according to the body’s demand. Our body demands more attention after a workout. Term workout and exercise also include yoga, walking, running, climbing, swimming, etc.

Now, let us understand which type of food we should eat after exercise. Here, we would be discussing the five most nutritious foods that one can have post-workout.

1. Sweet potato

Sweet potatoes are rich in complex carbohydrates. After an exercise, the body requires a good amount of energy. Therefore, sweet potato supplies such a good amount of energy that lasts the whole day. It is rich in fibre that regulates the processing of sugars, resulting in a good supply of energy in our bodies. Vitamin C in sweet potatoes helps in muscle catabolism.

Method to eat  

Boil sweet potato and peel the skin out. This is the simplest and easiest to provide energy and strength to our body.

2. Cherry juice


Juices assimilate very easily into our digestive tract. Therefore, they are a much better option than solid food. After the exercise, one of the helpful juices is cherry juice. It is rich in antioxidants that can fight against muscle damage.

Studies show that those who were taking cherry juice regularly do not experience muscle soreness after exercise.

Note: Avoid any packed or branded juices. It will be advisable to consume freshly made cherry juice.

3. Soya milk

Soy Milk

During exercise, you are effectively breaking your muscles down. You need to let them adapt and repair to grow stronger and bigger. Hence, soya milk is an excellent source of plant protein. As it is a plant product, it is free of cholesterol.

Method to eat

  • Soak soya beans in water overnight and then discard the water and rinse the soya bean.
  • Remove the skin of the beans as much as you can.
  • Add 4 cups of water and blend it until it becomes smooth.
  • Strain the blended mixture.
  • Take a tightly woven cloth and pour this soya mixture into it. Squeeze it tightly to obtain the milk.
  • Take this milk in a thick bottom pot and boil it. Be careful, as it should not be stuck. The boiling temperature should be 212 degrees Fahrenheit to 100 degrees Celsius.Boil this for 20 minutes and then cool it.

Hence, the best soya milk is ready.

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Yogurt & Fruits


Yoghurt is popularly known as Dahi mixed with fruits, is an excellent source of micronutrients. It cools down your heated body after exercise. Here, you can fruit such as berries, mangoes, or apples. This combination can give you an enriching experience throughout the day.

Note: Curd taken from the supermarket has a lot of sugar and is not healthy. Always consume curd, yogurt, or dahi made at home.



Bananas are a very popular food among health enthusiasts. This is because of its high fibre content and low calories. In addition, it is rich in carbohydrates. When you work out consistently your glycogen is stored in the body, breaks down. Banana is a wholesome food to be taken after exercise. It is a healthy source of carbohydrates.

Post-workout, the blood sugar level and minerals are dipped in the body. Therefore, bananas will boost them up again.

Your choice to exercise is the healthiest decision ever made. However, exercise supported with the right food can do wonders for your health.

Add one of these post-workout foods to your diet and take one more step towards a healthy life.

Disclaimer: Before adding any food to your diet, do not forget to seek advice from your Gym Trainer or Nutritionist.

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