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11 Positive Instagram posts by Jay Shetty that will add warmth to your life!

11 Positive Instagram posts by Jay Shetty that will add warmth and meaning to your life this December

There are many motivational speakers and influencers who speak about positivity. However, a few resonate with our problems and insecurities. Amongst those, one is Jay Shetty. To be honest, we all have bad and good days. There are days when all need positivity or wisdom words to cope with things going around us. Here are 11 Positive instagram posts by Jay Shetty that will add warmth to your life.

Jay Shetty is a viral author and one of the best storytellers. With over 9 million followers on Instagram, Shetty is making a difference in the lives of people every day.

He has seen a lot in his life and  youth around the world can resonate with him. Today, Jay Shetty’s wisdom has gone viral all across the world. It is December already and the weather might be giving you some chills. Therefore, it is high time that you warm up yourself with these 11 Instagram posts by Jay Shetty that will give you instant positivity.

In this era of sheer competition, it is very difficult to keep ourselves motivated everyday. There are high possibilities that you hear many negative voices in your head. And If you do so, then shush them right now. 

We might have heard this several times, accept yourself as the way you are. However, we have the least idea, how to make it even possible. But Shetty has given us seven rules of self-acceptance.

Do you follow any of these?

Did you mess up today and feel why you always make mistakes? Then we think you need to know that you are not a machine. Moreover, it is okay not to be perfect.

There is always a way to turn your guilt into greatness. We always tend to try to be hard on ourselves and sabotage our mental health with the guilt of not trying enough. Therefore, it is important for you to sleep with a feeling of self-love and compassion and not with guilt.

All you need to do is set some achievable goals for the day.

How to be more YOU?

A very relevant question but difficult to answer. It is very important for you to be your real self. Accepting yourself as you are the real form of love.

To evolve is to develop yourself gradually from within yourself. It involves the evolution of your mindset, daily routine, habits, life, associations, and actions. Changing is different from evolving. People never change, they can only evolve. Sometimes we put on a happy mask, instead of sharing our insecurities, or our exact feelings.

Just remember

You will get through this. ⁠

 Everything is temporary.⁠

 You are always evolving. ⁠

 Good things are in store for you.⁠

This kindness is a form of love. But in the circle of love, you cannot expect another person to do so.

It is all in your head. Yes, sometimes it is important to tell yourself everything is going to be good eventually. Just acknowledge your worth.

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Healing is a continuous process and a forever process. When you heal yourself, you will find that everything around you is healing automatically.

All these posts are filled with positivity; it is obvious to have room for negativity. Moreover, we cannot stop thinking negatively, we can only upgrade it.

It is okay to have bad days and days with ‘not okay feelings.

But it is vital to have a gentle approach with yourself.

Did you find this helpful? Tell us which post you like the most.

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