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World Animal Welfare Day: Here is cherished work of Posh Foundation for Animal Welfare

“It is the love for the less fortunate stray animals that drive us in for animal welfare” – Aaditi Badami

“POSH Foundation is a leader in the animal welfare movement, through compassionate, innovative rescue practices and transformative educational programs. Our goal is to give the gift of life to as many street animals as humanly possible, enrich the lives of those who adopt them, and in doing so, help create a better world. It is our love for the less fortunate stray animals which has driven many animal right activists to join us and hence formed this organisation. “tells Aasiti Badam, the founder of Posh Foundation.

Aaditi Badam is an animal rights activist and honorary district animal welfare officer, founder at the POSH foundation. She says that the idea of POSH started with an idea to promote adoptions of the strays but gradually they came to this realization that there was more to it. “We are now full time involved in rescue and treatment of sick and injured strays in the best of our capacity,” tells Aaditi.

POSH Foundation is a Delhi NCR based NGO actively involved in Animal welfare and awareness related issues, registered under Trust as of April 07, 2014.

Discussing the initiatives and on the groundwork of POSH, Aaditi tells us that “We’re POSH Foundation team and we’ve been here, looking out for animals in need. It’s our vision to work for a world in which all humans respect and live in harmony with all other members of the animal kingdom. Every day, with the help of our people and our generous supporters, we take steps to achieve our mission. From rescuing a dog to creating awareness and fighting for their rights, we’ve already come so far but yet a way to go.”

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posh foundation

Aaditi proudly says “Our philosophy is to create a neutral zone where all the three can coexist: ANIMALS, HUMANS & ENVIRONMENT! We would like to expand the team and work on four major areas:

– Awareness, Adoptions and Counselling

– Cruelty Intervention and Rescue

– Sterilization and Post-Operative Care

– First Aid and treatment of sick and injured animals.”

When we asked about how someone can join the organisation and the relief programs, she tells us that Volunteering and internship at posh is a unique opportunity to work with our Core Team in a nonprofit environment and learn the skills necessary to coordinate people that give their time to help organizations. Additionally, one will learn about the human-animal bond and the benefits of Animal Assisted Therapy in different surroundings. One can assist our volunteer coordinator with orientation and scheduling along with an evaluation of teams and facilities.

Concluding the conversation, she said, “Animals are special, they have stories to tell about beating the odds, overcoming very traumatic experiences, and finally the triumph when they reach the end of their suffering to regain their health with us. It’s time to stop ignoring and help the less fortunate animals who are still unattended in our communities. If anyone wishes to join our community, they can simply reach out to us by dropping a Whatsapp at 9953440509 or by filling out the online volunteer form available at our website“.

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