Popular memes of 2016!

Popular memes 2016 that ruled the internet this year

These past few years, technology has taken an interesting turn. Not does it just works towards making our lives easier but also to towards making the tough situations lighter. People all-over the world with the ability to make wisecrack of difficult situations are now using technology as a medium to get their talent across. Here are some popular memes of 2016 that took the internet by storm.

By creating funny memes out of the current affairs, nor are they just entertaining themselves and others but also it is a noteworthy way to get your point across without heaviness looming in the air as an aftermath.

Without wasting much time, let us look at some of the remarkable memes and situations that led to the creation of them:

1. Ultimate fake degree scandal

This hilarious meme started taking the internet by storm when Delhi’s CM, Arvind Kejriwal accused the then Human Resource Development minister, Smriti Irani of submitting fake degree papers of her educational qualification.

Earlier, the accusations were brushed aside by the government, but when checked, indeed some loopholes were found in Irani’s background information. Hence, leading to such memes.

2. Indians!!!

Oh well, that is Indians for you. Still living with the 18th century norms, known to bound their lineage follow the same values. Many memes keep flooding social media mocking the orthodox beliefs, yet they cannot shake the grounds that India’s conventional families stand.

Popular memes of 2016!
The Bahubali mystery

3. The ultimate truth

And the question of the year remains. Why Kattappa killed ‘Bahubali’? That is the question that every Indian who has watched 2015’s blockbuster, Bahubali. The first movie ends with an unbelievable revelation by the clan’s ever loyal servant, kattappa that he was the one who killed the protagonist.

Ever since the movie got released, the curiosity of the audience has got the best them, resulting in strewing of such memes.

Popular memes of 2016!
Nothing personal

4. Blame game

Indians have this tendency to always blame somebody or the other if things are not going as planned. That is what happened when Virat Kohli instead of trying his 100%, returned to the pavilion after scoring only 1 run. The catch in the situation was that his girlfriend, Anushka Sharma has flown to Australia to watch that match.

Then what, the blame game started. Allegations were thrown on the couple and many such memes were out overnight accusing them of being inconsiderate towards the nation for their own pleasure.

Popular memes of 2016!
A broken heart

5. Bewafaa Sonam Gupta

The country faced a very interesting situation giving birth to number of trolls and memes when a number of currency notes were flooded in the Indian markets with the line, “Sonam Gupta bewafa hai” and everybody was wondering, who the hell is Sonam Gupta?

Nonetheless, whoever the girl is, she kept the Indians entertained when demonetization took place in the country.

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