Pollution Returns in Delhi : 5 important precautions we all need to take

Pollution Returns in Delhi: How we will survive in the gas chamber? 

Delhi has become a gas chamber, the air quality can give you some dangerous diseases. As the winters are approaching, the overall Air Quality has already moved to poor quality. The Central Pollution Control Board has said that they are ready with an emergency action plan. It will be implemented from today. Pollution returns in Delhi. Here 5 important highlights that you should know.

Deadly Smog


1. Pollution in Delhi is increasing due to stubble burning by farmers after the harvest in Punjab and Haryana. Also, Diwali is around the corner and firecrackers are another problem.

2. Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said he has taken the pollution issue with the chief ministers of the two neighboring states.  No concrete decision has been taken yet. Farmers are helpless. But this would adversely affect Delhi and people would face breathing problems.

3.  Necessary measures would be taken according to the air quality. When the mark is between moderate and poor category, the burning of garbage would be stopped and pollution control regulations would be implemented.

4. If the air quality drops to very poor condition, then parking fees would be enhanced. The frequency of buses and the metro will be increased. Also, diesel gensets would be stopped in Delhi.

5. For very severe condition. Some more measure would be taken such as cleaning of roads, sprinkling water. Entry of trucks, construction work would also be stopped. Also, the schools would be kept shut.

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Delhi became the world’s most polluted city

Over the last several years, the air quality of Delhi begins sliding from October and November. Pollutants and sand particles get trapped in the air and convert national capital into a gas chamber. Last year Delhi became the world’s most polluted city as the pollutant level in the air was found 10 times more than Chinese Capital Beijing.

pollution returns in Delhi

What all we can do to combat pollution?

1. Use mask whenever you step out of your house. Please say no to morning walks and joggings

2. Air Purifying plants such as Aloe vera, lvy, the spider plant can be kept inside the offices and houses to keep the air clean.

3. Take steam daily with a few drops of eucalyptus oil in the evening to relax your air passages. This will also help you to remove harmful particulate substances.

4.  Ventilate your home. Open the windows of your house between 3 pm t0 5 pm on a bright sunny day.  Let the air circulate in your house. Notably, this is the time when PM is lowest in the air.

5. Last but not least, eat jaggery aka gudd to flush pollutants from your lungs.

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