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Top 5 political satire Youtube channel in India everyone should follow

Looking for YouTubers who do political commentary with humour? Look inside


YouTube is our go-to place whenever we want to watch anything. Name the genre, and there are thousands of videos to watch. However, there are few people who do politically -educating videos mixed with satire in India. If you are a fan of political commentary and are looking for people who can inform you as well as entertain you, you have come to the right place. Here are some of the YouTubers you should follow.


Akash Banerjee


Akash Banerjee can be called the flag-bearer of political satire in India. He uses humour to make political commentary. He’s one of the characters, Bhakt Banerjee is very popular who is a confident Hindu nationalist, who make a joke of himself while defending the BJP government. Akash calls various famous personalities to his show and interviews them in a funny way. He believes in presenting facts produced from the rigorous research, but with humour, which is different from parodying politicians.


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Raghu Karnad


Raghu Karnad calmly gives insights on politics and current affairs. He is irreverent, topical and funny who does videos for The Wire channel. He also appears as a guest elsewhere such as on the Cyrus Says podcast and more. Raghu’s videos offer a startling understanding of the way that history currently seems to be repeating itself. His Youtube channel description reads – Satirist and Host – WhySoSetrious, Chief Instigator, Founder and Head Chatterbox – which is self-explanatory of his talent, skills, and achievements. The Desh Bhakt series of Raghu Karnad is a satirical take on the narrative of victimhood peddled by some of the most privileged sections of the society. Sometimes he appears in saffron, completed with large tilak and bombast and sometimes in casual T-shirts with outrageous quotes.


Manisha Pandey


Manisha Pandey is associated with Newslaundry who happily plugs holes into mainstream media’s fawning and pliant reportage. Her show “TV Newsance” is a very popular catch on Youtube which comes every Tuesday. Some very know anchors like Arnab Goswami, Sudhir Chaudhary and Navika and others – are the butt of her most cutting observations. Basically, she exposes everything that is wrong with today’s media which makes her a brave breed for taking on some big names.


Dhruv Rathee


Although Dhruv Rathee can’t be called a satirist, he is definitely an educator of current affairs and policies of the government. He is an engineer by profession who did his Bachelor’s degree from Germany and did a Master’s in engineering with a focus on renewable energy. He covers some controversial topics, with a strong focus on political, societal and issues.


Satya Show

Satya show is one of the most underrated Youtube channels. Satya started this show back in 2011 and follows the political satire genre for his videos. He talks about various social issues using different characters in the videos and describes serious situations in the country with such humour that it leaves you aching in the tummy from laughter. However, we want to warn you that he uses some 18+ or abusive words.


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