Pokémon Go’s malicious version freezing phone

Here’s a malicious gaming app called Pokémon Go unlimited, it’s a first lock screen app that has made onto the Google Play store, as per the software security company ESET.

This app when downloaded and then run has been not installed as Pokémon Go but rather as “PI Network”, according to reports.

Beware of this app as anyone, who has this app would find their phone completely froze, further forcing them to restart their phone by removing the battery.

The Pokémon Go a gaming app does uses the Global Positioning System (GPS) capabilities of the device in conjunction with the Google Maps to place virtual creatures in the real world locations, which one then tries to find using your device as a guide.


Pokémon Go

However, ESET also spotted various other malicious apps, which also includes Install Pokemon Go and Guide & Cheats for Pokémon Go.

The plague of malicious tricks has further surrounding the augmented-reality game highlights the security risk posed by the Android’s relatively open app ecosystem.

Though there are specific apps highlighted by the ESET seem to have been removed from Google Play Store, a search found several apps named with variations on Install Pokémon Go.

The app, however, has further pulled off from Google Play, as ESET reported. One can uninstall the app manually by going to their phone’s application manager.

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