Points to remember when you resign from a company!

Resignation has a class: Know how to resign from a company

Working in a firm for a long time can be really helpful. As you get familiar with the work and working environment. Here is how to resign from a company? There will be more chances of your promotion and growth. But what if you find another job that is paying you good? Will you switch? Well, maximum will answer will be yes, because this is what is referred as private sector. Are you preparing to resign from your current job? Some employees have a hard time resigning. It is always awkward and anxiety-filled.

So, resigning from the firm can be divided into two parts. First, how you can apply for the resignation and second how to write professional resignation letter. Just go through it and know the resigning etiquettes!

How to write resignation
How to write resignation

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Here are the tips:

Part 1: How to apply for resignation?

The very much important rule that you should always keep in mind is that try to leave or resign from a job on good terms. This is what professionalism requires. But exceptions do exist. Also, avoid sharing anything with coworkers about your great new opportunity. Job-hunting is a funny process, and you never know when you will run into your former supervisor, a former co-worker, or a former employer for the job.

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So, once you announced your resignation here are some guidelines you need to follow :

1. Timing: Give notice to the company . The standard notice has traditionally been two to four weeks, but you should consult your employee handbook in case your boss expects more (or less) advance warning.

2.Negotiating: Try to negotiate with the boss and make sure they clear all your dues and payments.

3. Hiring: Help your company to find your replacement.

4.Training: Once your replacement is found then it’s your responsibility to train that person.

5 Working:Do not disappear during the last weeks on the job. Stay an active member of the team. Don’t show your casual attitude.

6.Completing: Be sure to do your best to complete all open assignments and leave detailed progress reports for your supervisor and coworkers.

7. Leaving : Before leaving the office make sure you have all the contacts of your co-workers and of course the boss.

state clear everything in your resignation letter
state clear everything in your resignation letter

Part 2: This is how to write professional resignation letter

There is a proper writing resignation etiquette you should know before you type your resignation. It’s best to have written documentation of your resignation and planned last day of work.

The most important thing to remember when writing your letter of resignation is to be professional. There is no meaning in making enemies before leaving the job. Regardless of whether you loved or hated your job or your employer, the outcome should be the same: a short, polite, and professional letter stating your intention to leave. Because this is the basic rule of professionalism.

People quit their job for all sorts of reasons, and there is no need to provide any details on why you are leaving the company.

State clear that you are getting good opportunities that is important for your career therefore you have decided to quit.

Never write anything that can annoy your boss because world is too small and as we mentioned above god knows that in future you might need the help of your former co-workers and Boss.

When should you submit your letter of resignation? And to whom? You should submit your resignation two or more weeks before your planned resignation date, depending on the company’s policy.

Submit the letter or email to your direct supervisor to whom you have direct reporting , with a copy to your human resources office.

This is what you should mention in your resignation letter :

In the first paragraph, state your intention to resign and give a specific last day of work. State clearly about your intentions to leave.

In the second paragraph, give a simple reason why you are leaving. Don’t blame anyone or anything. Just give clear and cut reason.

Explain that you are relocating, taking another job, changing careers, or going back to school. Also mention that you have learned a lot from the firm.

In the third paragraph, thank both your supervisor and the company for the opportunities you had working for them. Be sure to end the letter on a positive note.

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