Pocket drone patented by Amazon

Kind your kids with the help of new pocket drone

A small pocket drone has been recently patented by the Seattle-based e-commerce giant, Amazon.

The drone has many useful purposes for customers. Along with the e-commerce application that Amazon runs to fulfill a person’s everyday needs, the brand is in the tech manufacturing business as well.

The latest creation by the giant is another addition to the long list of products patented by the giant.

The product is a small voice-activated personal drone that hangs out on your shoulder.

The product was recently awarded a patent for its feature of performing random tasks such as like locating your car in a busy parking lot or checking to see if you closed the garage door.

Pocket drone patented by Amazon
Pocket drone

Amazon drone is perfect to perform such tasks of locating objects and even people. In case of personal emergency, the drone may actually become quite handy.

It may aid in finding missing children and tracing fires or injured people.

The drone can be helpful for police officers as well by recording useful information after pulling someone over or taking pictures of suspects.

If you are willing not to be captured in a drone cam, then rather beware! The drone is in fact quite easy to use.

You just need to ask the drone to carry out your task which may include finding your vehicle or children, fire etc.

Once the task it assigned, the drone will scan RFID tags, barcodes, or utilize recognition software to track it.

It is not certain when the shoulder drone will come to use but it will be there in near future for sure.

Amazon has beenemerging onto the voice-activated tech forefront with products such as the Echo Dot, a hands-free device that reads the news, sets alarms, plays music, and more for a certain amount of time now.

Let us see when this personal assistant drone will come to execution.

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