PM Modi want ideas for his Independence Day Speech: What’s on your mind?

PM Modi want ideas for his independence Day Speech

Prime Minister Narendra Modi asked people of India to suggest him some ideas for his Independence Day Speech. He has asked citizens for their suggestions and some people have already started suggesting him some issues. He asks for suggestions from the people of India every year.  Today, he tweeted, ” Share them with me on a specially created forum on the Narendra Modi App. You can also them it on”

He further added, ” I look forward to receiving your fruitful inputs in the coming days.”  Notably, PM Modi had invited people last year to share their ideas for independence speech via Video and assured them that he will address all the issues.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Independence Day Speech and some important topics

There are so many issues on which PM Narendra Modi can talk. A lot of people have already started giving their suggestions to him.  Some important topics suggested by the people of India are –  Problems faced by the common man after GST, sexual harassment, changes that are required in the system of returns filing etc.

72nd Independence Day

This year India would be celebrating its 72nd Independence Day. Every year Independence Day is celebrated on August 15.  India was declared an Independent country on August 15, 1947, by Jawaharlal Nehru. A week before Independence Day, the spirit of patriotism is encouraged among the people by organizing different events in schools and colleges. In these 72 years India as a country has come a long way, but still, there are so many things that want reformation and amendments.  Women safety is one of the important issues of India that needs to be addressed. Its been 72 years but daughters of India are still not free.  Violence against them is increasing day by day and their security is a major concern.

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