PM Modi to visit G- 20 Summit, Brisbane

PM Modi to visit G- 20 Summit, Brisbane

PM Modi to visit G- 20 Summit, Brisbane

The ninth G-20 meeting is all set to be held on the 15 and 16 of November this year in Brisbane, Australia. The summit is expected to draw up extensive plans to boost economic growth of India and other countries who are members of the summit.

PM Modi to visit G- 20 Summit, Brisbane

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Preparations are on its peak in Australia to welcome India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who will attend the G-20 summit in Brisbane, on 15- 16 November. It is a growing expectation that the summit would create millions of jobs and would accelerate higher growth rates in the countries.

Around 4,000 delegates will attend the summit and around 25, 00 media representatives. Leaders from Mauritania, New Zealand, Senegal, Singapore and Spain are the guests of this year’s summit.

After U.S.A, it is time for Australia to witness the magic of Modi. The Prime Minister will address people of Sydney on November 17th.

Not only will he attend the summit but would also talk on some major issues such as bilateral policies with the Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott.

PM Modi to visit G- 20 Summit, Brisbane

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Recently,Modi tweeted that “I want to hear ideas from all of you, including our friends in Australia and the Indian community over there on my visit”.

Interestingly, he will be the first Indian PM to address Australian leaders and Australian Parliamentarians.

The PM is likely to visit Melbourne as well besides Brisbane.

It will be a second meeting between both the prime ministers as both of them had already inked the civil nuclear cooperation agreement in September when Tony Abbott visited India.

It is also a significant event as the Indian PM is visiting Australia after 28 years since Rajiv Gandhi Visited in the year 1986.

Indians over there are highly enthusiastic to watch Modi, “Not only in India, Modi has his wave all across the world. As an Indian, I really feel proud that he is visiting Australia and will address Indians on November 17th and I don’t think so any Indian will want to miss it” , says Sarika Verma, Sydney.

Modi’s charisma will surely overwhelm Australia on November 17th.

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