PM Modi to lead yoga in Chandigarh tomorrow!

As entire world is preparing to celebrate International Yoga Day and Prime Minister Narendra Modi who himself do yoga on daily basis will tomorrow lead a yoga programme in Chandigarh’s Capitol Complex, while 57 Union ministers are also expected to take part in various programs throughout the nation.


International Yoga Day

The mega event will celebrate the ancient Indian treatise, that also influenced the Yoga school of Indian philosophy — one of six orthodox schools of ancient Indian thought — Mr Modi was quoted saying in a video message: “When I outlined a vision for an International Yoga Day in September 2014 at the UN General Assembly, even I did not anticipate the enormous enthusiasm from all corners of the world.”“Yoga is much more than physical exercise.”

So people spare a little time for yourself and perform some asana, it will definitely give you an internal strength and peace!

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