PM Modi has visited 10 countries in 2017 till now

Indian Prime Minister has travelled 49 countries since 2014 for International Diplomatic ties

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been keenly interested in improving the Diplomatic ties with fellow countries. The government said in response to the opposition’s question in the parliament today that PM Modi has visited 49 countries in the past three years. Moreover, he has visited USA five times in the last three years. Modi’s foreign trips as PM started in June 2014 from his visit to Bhutan. During his visits, many agreements were signed on a range of topics. He is determined to push India in the global race among the top world powers.

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The Prime Minister has already visited 10 countries in the last seven months. The foreign policy of PM Modi’s government has transformed India’s global image. India’s partnership with USA, UK, Germany, Israel, and Japan has strengthened immensely.

The overall strategy behind Modi’s Foreign policy is sound and successful. Modi has been personally concerned about India’s external engagement and ties. His persona has emerged as an eminent leader of India. Many countries consider Modi as a driving agent and leader of the biggest democracy in the world.

Modi’s vision for India has shown the people of India that with persistent efforts and hard work, our country is capable of being a world power. Modi supports ‘Make in India’ and ‘India First’ ideologies which have attracted the attention of Indian businessmen and traders. He has promoted the use of Indian products to boost the economy. He is a perfect mix of a leader, entrepreneur, and politician.

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