Planning to date? Get yourself vaccinated else you can face ‘Rejection’

Will you date someone who is not vaccinated?

The COVID-19 has changed a lot of things around us. Be it our way of looking at life, resuming work, attending weddings, or even dating. And we must admit that things will never be the same again. A lot of people found love during the lockdown and many decided to get hitched. The lethal second wave of corona brought India to its knees. In that case, the country is now vaccinating its population.  During the pandemic, the dating habits of people in India have changed drastically. In a recent survey, people revealed they are not willing to date people who are not vaccinated.

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What Does the survey highlight?

According to a survey conducted by online dating app Quack Quack, people are willing to talk to people who are pro-vaccine compared to anti-vaxxers. The data also revealed that about 70 per cent of people in the age group between 18- 30 will consider meeting their date only once they are dating.  The survey further added, inoculation is a prerequisite for their date.

30 per cent of the people in the age group between 18-30 said that they will take all necessary precautions while meeting their date and would not necessarily consider vaccination as a parameter when it comes to dating.  However, 80 per cent of women and 70 per cent of men want their date to be vaccinated and if someone is an anti- vaccinator, there are higher chances of getting rejected.  The survey revealed that young Indians are quite serious when it comes to following health protocols. They are aware of the current crisis and do not want to risk their health.  It has become important to reveal your vaccination status to the person you are dating. To simply put, vaccination has become an added quality for a person to be chosen or liked. Vaccination status plays an important role when it comes to finding a match. However, it is recommended that your vaccination status shouldn’t be posted on your dating profile. Posting your vaccination status on dating apps can risk your privacy. 


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Here is a list of questions that some people asked related to dating during the pandemic

1. Do we have to wear masks if both the partners are vaccinated?

Health experts say Yes. As more people get vaccinated, then dating can be a low–risk activity for everyone. But we are not there yet. In that case, it is important to wear a mask when you meet someone in person even if you and your date are vaccinated.

2. Outdoor or Indoor dates?

There were many questions related to outdoor and indoor dates. Even if you and your partner are vaccinated, you can keep your date a low-key affair. You can keep it indoors and remove your masks (there is likely low risk involved). Here low risk doesn’t mean there is no risk. As we know antibodies in our body generate after 2 weeks of the vaccination.


Young Indians on getting vaccinated 

“Dating someone who is not vaccinated is quite risky. I think we all should come forward and take our jabs. After vaccination we can meet our partner in person without any fear,” says Radhika Srivastava, 24, HR professional

“Be it dating or marriage, I would definitely want to know the vaccination status of my partner. I think we should encourage each other to get vaccinated. I am getting married in two months and  my partner and I have been vaccinated. It is important and we must priortise our health”, Karan Rohani, 29, Engineer

You also tell us in the comments section below. Will you date someone who is not vaccinated?

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