Plan a trip to Goa in your budget!

How to plan a trip to Goa without spending too much from your pocket?

Travelling with a group of friends is the most amazing thing in this entire world. One should never miss the opportunity, in fact you should grab it. Here, are few reasons why you should plan a trip to Goa at least once in a lifetime. And if you think you need spend a lot of money from your pocket, then you are wrong my friend. Here is how you can plan a trip to Goa without spending too much from your pocket.

Plan a trip to Goa
Plan a trip to Goa

If you people are working bees then you should depart on Friday morning so that you can comeback on Sunday night. Before you head towards your destination you need to know specialties about the place.

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Main Attractions

1. Beautiful beaches with crystal blue water and sunny day. All this will make you fall in love.

2. Goa is best place to try authentic Portuguese dishes. So, try at least once you will surely love the rich taste.

3. If you are party animal, Goa is the ultimate jungle for you. No stay in Goa would be complete without an open air party. Visit Hill Top on a Sunday for its legendary parties that kick off at 5pm or take a trip to Club Cubana, situated between Baga and Anjuna in the Arpora Hill. There are other places too.

4. Best place for Shopaholics: Girls are always crazy for shopping, and Goa is a best place to shop with your girl gang. You will love it. Goa flea markets and local markets are famous for artefacts

5. Goa is a best place for getting tattoos. If you are planning to have a tattoo for the first time, Goa is a best place to have one. Even your girl gang can have a matching tattoo.

It is the hub of Shopping
It is the hub of Shopping

6. This is the only place where flip-flops are allowed in a club. Armed with loads of sunblock, flip flops and your BFFs, Goa is the perfect place to enjoy a holiday with your girl gang. There is the beach, beach shacks and varied restaurants offering scrumptious food, and of course nightclubs, where you can party all night.

There are bundle of reasons too why you should plan a trip with your friends:

You can be mad animal among your friends group. Friends are only those who can even tolerate your poor jokes and they love you too. You probably have crossed all the limits with your friends isn’t it? Here, are few reasons why you should plan a trip with your friends:

1. No awkwardness: This is obvious you will not feel awkward among your pals. Instead you can say anything to them.

2. You can go where ever: Parents will never allow you to try adventurous things with acquaintance but when it comes to your friends group they too will allow you to enjoy.

3. You can do anything:LITERALLY! Fall flat on your face, jump and scream and do the craziest of things that you have wanted to do. Listen to your kind of music, break in to a dance in the middle of the road, and sign up for the experiment that might kill you. These all stupidest acts can be perform only in front of your friends.

You can get best tattoos
You can get best tattoos

4. Those day-like nights: Being with your group is an amazing thing. Your days will of course turns into long nights. Because your endless conversation will never end in night.
5. You can budget it up: If you are going on a trip with your friends it will always under a specific budget. Your friends too will help you out to save money.
6. Crazy pictures: Most important part of a trip we can’t forget taking crazy pictures. That one friend who carries a DSLR with himself or herself will turn into an official photographer.

Budget that you should consider before planning a trip to Goa :

Well, it’s not too expensive. If you are planning a trip with your gang you people can easily divide the expenditure among the group. The best thing about Goa is how everything is available for a reasonable rate. Well, then why not make the most of it? So, here’s how you can manage a 3 day trip to Goa in Rs. 3500, all inclusive!

Let’s consider that you depart on Friday morning and take the return train on Sunday night.

TravelThere are a lot of options to reach Goa. It can be by train, plane, car etc. You can either take the Jan Shatabdi Express or LTT Karmali Special from Mumbai. While the former departs from Dadar at 5:25am, the latter departs LTT at 5:30 am. Apart from this fare of Jan Shatabdi Express is Rs. 270.

After reaching Goa : After you reached your destination that is Goa, you can hire a bike the next day and spend that evening/night by strolling on the beach. A gearless bike like Activa/Dio will cost around Rs. 300/day.

Total cost for renting a bike for 2 days in just Rs. 600

In order to return from Goa you can either opt for Matsyagandha Express, which leaves Goa at 19:15 hours (7:15 pm) or Mumbai Express, which leaves Madgaon at 21:50 hours (9:50 pm). The fare for the former is Rs. 415 and for the latter is Rs. 420.

Hotels : While enjoying your trip in Goa you guys can opt to stay at a hostel. Roadhouse Hostel, Red Door Hostel and The Hostel Crowd are among the few hostels available at Goa. Tariff per night (in a dormitory): Rs. 350 to Rs. 500

Foods and drinksIt totally depends on you. You can spend your money on food based on your taste. But definitely, try drinks for which Goa is famous for.

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