PK Movie Review

PK Movie Review

The most awaited movie of the year, PK will successfully fill up your hunger for a good, sensible yet simple movie, where you can relax yourself without caring about the upcoming strenuous week or the busy weekdays that have just ended. Raj Kumar Hirani has always been able to get concepts which are relatable yet fancy and even in this movie he has stood up to the name and space that he has created for himself in the industry.

PK (Aamir Khan) is an alien who lands on the earth (Rajasthan) to do a research on Humans. This naked alien has only one thing on his body that’s a remote control of the spaceship, in the form of a circular pendant. The moment he lands on earth, his locket is stolen by the first man he comes across and from there on the struggle of PK starts to find where his locket is because he wants to go back home.


During his struggle, he meets Bhairao Singh (Sanjay Dutt) a band wala in Rajasthan and Jaggu (Anushka Sharma) in Delhi, who is working as a journalist and wanting to do a story which is interesting rather than talking about a dog who wants to commit suicide. While she is travelling to her studio, she notices a weirdly dressed man, PK, distributing flyers which read ‘Missing God’. She finds him interesting and follows him for a story.

The first half of the movie has been plotted really well and few sequences would make it hard for you to stick to the seats as you would be laughing and rolling on the floor. For instance, in conversation with Jaggu, PK expresses how ‘Dancing cars’ works for him as wardrobes and banks, how he conveys the different ways and expressions of saying ‘Haan’ and how he uses stickers of gods on his face as a self-defence move.

It is interesting to see how Rajkumar Hirani gives reasoning for everything that PK does in the movie, for example- PK has Bhojpuri accent which he learnt from a woman in just 6 hours. Well, he has the ability to read minds of people, to detect truth and false, and to adapt the language by just holding hands.

As the story flows, through PK, Rajkumar Hirani and Abhijaat Joshi have subtly talked about how people are divided in the name of religion and how people blindly follow it without the basic instinct that a human is gifted with, that is questioning. In midst of our busy lives, every one of us is fearing god rather than believing in ourselves and helping each other.

The movie with pain and beauty showcases how humans do anything and everything to be able to get solutions to their problems by god and every religion has their own rules, confusing people about the right path. While the movie subtly blends sarcasm and reality, the audience would have the feeling of Déjà Vu as the similar concept was talked in the movie- Oh My God.

In the journey of finding his property, PK realises that the thief has sold his remote to Tapasvi Maharaj who fools people saying that it’s a part of Lord Shiva’s ornament, so the second half revolves around how PK wins over Tapasvi Maharaj without revealing his real identity.

The songs of the movie blend beautifully with the story and none of it seems unwanted. The music is slow and soothing to ears and one of the songs would remind you of Zoobi Doobi from 3 Idiots. Though the concept of religion being used as a business and the concept of alien being lost or left on the earth have been watched before the storyline, the script, the acting, especially by Aamir Khan- indeed the perfectionist, the music and the cinematography definitely makes this movie, THE MOVIE OF THE YEAR. So, overall I give this movie 4 stars and would recommend you to relax yet learn something this weekend or weekday by watching this movie in your nearby theatres.

Picture Credits: Kuldeep Pundhir, OneWorldNews

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