Pill for Arthritis

The scientists have invented a cheap drug to combat the pain and agony of arthritis. Arthritis is a distressing condition for millions across the globe.

The new drug Spironolactone costs you merely 14p per day and was originally developed 40 years back for curing hypertension and heart diseases.

The medicine is pain anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving in nature.

Arthritis is caused due to the damage and loss of cartilage present in the joints. Arthritis is characterized by inflammation of joints of hands and feet. More than 6 millions Britons are affected by osteoarthritis.

Professor Marion McMurdo, the head of ageing and health at Dundee University, conducted a study to assess whether spironolactone provides adequate treatment for arthritis.

The arthritis patients were given 25mg of Spironolactone per day for five months. It was noted that the patients reported a significant decrease in pain.

Prof. McMurdo stated, “Osteoarthritis affects over half of the older population and there is no cure, so the goal is to reduce pain and stiffness. Older people are particularly prone to drug side effects. Most commonly used painkillers cause side effects – like confusion and constipation – and can cause bleeding from the stomach. Such bleeds are much more serious in an older person. So fresh drug approaches to managing osteoarthritis in older people are urgently required. If effective, Spironolactone would provide a safer, more economical prospect than many modern anti-inflammatory drugs. It only costs £1 a week and we know from its use as a heart treatment that it is relatively safe.”

Professor Alan Silman, the medical director of Arthritis Research UK, who has promised £135,000 to support the research mentioned, “Spironolactone has been around for decades so we know it’s safe. If it can also be shown to be effective it would be a massive boost for the millions of people who live with the constant pain of this crippling condition. We desperately need innovative new treatments.”

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