Pilates workout to keep you warm this winter

Pilates workout can help you to stay warm this winter

Winter is here and the woolens are also slowly making their way to our closets. Waking up early for a workout is further going to be difficult as all that we want is a cozy blanket and a warm cup of tea. The chilly weather is bound to tense up our bodies. Notably, Pilates workout can help you to stay warm this winter.

During this time of the year, our body further tends to get very rigid. Hitting the gym every day becomes really difficult. During winter season people usually prefer Pilates .It is a form of workout, best known for its stretches, and it can also help in keeping you warm and flexible throughout this season. Let’s have a look:

  1. Teaser on the arc barrel

This exercise is performed on an arc barrel, which is also versatile and a lightweight Pilates equipment. Performing this workout will further help you strengthen and condition your abdominals and hip flexors. Additionally, it would stretch your spine which helps you to relax your back. This is a little advanced technique so you might want to do it slowly, with a caution.

Lie down on the arc barrel, and slowly lift your legs. Stretch your arms and then move them towards your legs slowly, pulling your upper body along. Hold it for around five seconds, lie back slowly, and relax.

Pilates workout to keep you warm this winter
Pilates Workout

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  1. Hundreds

This move is to target towards increasing your abdominal strength. Trying out this workout would help you to get a flat tummy. Besides stretching the trunk of the body, this exercise works towards making your abs flash worthy. It also strengthens hip flexors, adductors and increases thoracic flexibility.

Lie on your back on a flat surface, with your knees bent and up in the air at 90 degrees. Stretch your arms vertically and inhale. While exhaling, slowly take your arms back to the ground on your side, and pull up your upper body. Hold this position for a hundred beats. Relax, and start again.

Pilates workout to keep you warm this winter
  1. Double leg stretch

It is an easy workout which you could try at your home. It is a classic Pilates workout and can be further tried out on the mat. It builds abdominal strength and then later develops a great full body coordination and control. It helps you gain stamina, agility, and poise. All these benefits help you in loosening up your rigid muscles.

Lie on your back, and curl up your legs to your belly. Hold them with your arms, and pull up your upper body slightly. Slowly stretch out while inhaling, with your arms and legs reaching outwards. Curl back inwards while exhaling.

Please Note: All these exercises initially should be executed under experienced Pilates trainer. One must also consult expert/or take doctor’s advice before starting any fitness program

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