Phuket Bike Week 2014

Sun, sand, and beach are three simple words that defined Phuket Bike Week 2014 at the Patong beach. Our Imagination and the excitement were at its peak, to see what would unfold in the weekend that had just started. We were excited to see the 20th anniversary celebrations!


The scheduled media registration at 12:00 pm happened at 6:00pm, and was the longest wait we have had in a long time. To top it all, the Sun god was merciless but the six-hour wait paid-off when we saw the bikes parade at the beach road. Once we entered the venue, it was just another world. The piping hot sweethearts clad in leather were just sparkling. We are talking about the HARLEY’s at display but we like the way you think. The babes gave the bikes run for their money. Here, is the best of both we spotted there.

The event was well-organized, well-thought with something to see and do for bikers and their families. The event had everything for a biker from motorcycles, motorcycle parts, riding gear, accessories, Thai street-food and BEER! Everyone enjoyed the bike week; the women shopped, the kids played around and bikers – did what they do the best- Ride!


The bike week was split into two 3 day event; from 12-14 April and 18-21 April, 2014. Bikers from as far as Australia and Americas were there to join the ASEAN country riders including riders from INDIA. Harley Davidson riders were more in attendance than the Ducati, Kawasaki, Triumph, Yamaha, and BMW riders. One could spot every bike there, be it a vintage, cruiser, chopper, bobber, customized, or the Super Sports.

The event had more than the bikes at display. It started with bike parade, had a tattoo competition, rock shows, beach parties, custom bike competition, and Miss Phuket Bike Week 2014 competition, and ended with ‘Songkran’– the Thai new year that is celebrated while playing with water guns and just water.


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