Personality Development Guide: How to make your personality Vibrant?

Personality Development Guide: How to work on your personality? 

What is personality?

The word ‘personality’ is derived from the Latin word persona. When too many things like characteristics, qualities or traits belonging to a person are mixed together, it forms his/her distinctive character and that is known as Personality. For making an impression, one should have a good personality, which is able to create a strong impact on others. Here is a personality development Guide. Let’s take a look at how to make your personality vibrant?

Importance of the First Impression

In today’s era, where a person takes less than a second to judge others, we should be able to show our brighter side at once.  As it is often said, ‘First impression is the Last impression’ is hundred percent applicable in today’s time. Amidst the rush and huge competition, it is next to impossible for a second chance. We have to prove ourselves in the first opportunity or there’s a chance of us getting left behind.

Whether it’s a student of the school, college or a professional working in an organization, it is essential for everyone to have an effective personality which can be remembered by people for a long time.

For a lot of employers, personality plays an important role when it comes to hiring. They often judge a candidate on the basis of his or her greeting style and body posture.

Personality Development:

By the name itself we can get through the term, development of our personality through the activities. Personality gives a distinct identification. Personality of an individual evolves throughout the life, although much of it depends on inborn traits and early experiences.

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Discussed below are the five stages in everyone’s life which influences personality development:

Infancy –  It is a very crucial stage of everyone’s life. It can change your entire life. There would be a difference between the child who is well nurtured and who is mistreated.

Toddler-hood – The second stage, starts when the child is between 18 months to four years of age. The early part of this stage can include tantrums, stubbornness and negativism. A child who is well-parented, emerges with self-confidence.

Preschool – The third stage start and remains until the child takes entry into formal school. At this stage, they go through something new every day, making their imagination power strong.

School age – This stage plays an important role in the development of the personality, as schools have courses to improve the personality of their students.

Adolescence – This is the stage from where a person starts developing maturity. At this time, there are numbersof factors affecting the mind of a child like, family environment, school, friends etc.

Five important personality types:

Openness to experience – By the name itself, we can get that these are the kind, who loves trying out a new thing. They appreciate every art, emotion, adventure, curiosity etc.

People who falls under this category  are creative, they are always curious to know about new things and places, they want to be surprised at every stage of the life.

Conscientiousness –  People who fall under this category are organized and dependable, they are self-disciplined, act dutifully, aim for achievement and plan for every possible situation rather than spontaneous behavior.

Extraversion – These are the type of people who are outspoken and talkative. They seek attention from the group they are with. They don’t feel shy in telling their opinions to the audience. They can also be called as dominant personalities.

Agreeableness – They are the kind of people who are most adjustable. They are of a friendly nature and try to adjust to every environment.

Neuroticism – People under this category, has the tendency to experience unpleasant emotions very easily such as anger, anxiety etc. this term can also be related with ‘emotional stability’.


Development of personality is an ongoing process and it has equal importance in every stage of everyone’s life. Whether it’s a corporate field, educational field or any other field personality plays an important role. Usually possesses a strong personality and you won’t be going with a person who dicey about the facts that he states and if he’s too uncertain about his own words.

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