Personal Hygiene Guide for Women: Why it should be every woman’s priority?

Personal Hygiene Guide for Women, the most important thing to make you feel confident, Pleasant and Attractive

Personal hygiene is the talk of the town with the current pandemic upon us.  By now, we all know the basic steps we should take to maintain hygiene and take care of ourselves. However, being blessed with a different anatomical structure as well the gender role that we women have to play, hygiene becomes an utmost important task for us. Here is a personal hygiene guide for women that can make you more confident, attractive and pleasant.

What is Personal Hygiene?

We all remember the proverb we were taught as children- “cleanliness is next to godliness”. This holds true not only for moral purity but also for personal hygiene. Making sure that we maintain practices that ensure we are free from diseases and remain healthy is the main key to hygiene. It can range from something as simple as washing your hands to having a bath every day.

Maintaining hygiene will not only keep you physiologically free from illness, it will also help you feel more confident, pleasant and attractive. And let’s accept it, who doesn’t want to feel that way? No one wants to be the person, people are running away from just because you have bad breath or stinky shoes.

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No one wants to have a bad breath

Do women in particular need to maintain personal hygiene?

The obvious answer to this is NO. Men, women, children everyone should maintain good personal hygiene. Women, in particular, do need to take extra care because our bodies do make a lot more demands on us and we do have to go an extra mile to ensure that we are fresh from top to bottom.

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We all need to ensure a proper hygiene routine

Here is a Personal Hygiene Guide for women

1. Hand Wash

This is obviously the most basic step towards ensuring good health. The moment we enter the house from outside, we should wash our hands. As women are also involved in the kitchen, taking care of babies or any of these social duties, it becomes important to wash hands to get rid of germs.

This should be the first thing you do when you enter the home or have a meal

2. Hair Wash

“O hasseena zulfon waali….”

From Bollywood songs to movies that have flaunted the “zulf” of women, only we know how difficult it is to take care of our hair. It is essential that you have a healthy hair care routine so that you can take actually flaunt it the way you want to. Washing your hair, oiling it regularly, combing it- are all steps that you should also take to ensure that you do not get hair diseases or lice infestation.

3. Dental Care

Brushing your teeth twice a day- morning and night, as well as flossing, are keys to maintaining proper dental hygiene. Tooth diseases or decay are not just painful, but also undesirable.

4. Bathing

An obvious step towards maintaining hygiene is to have a bath every day with a mild soap or shower gel. It is also important to reach all parts of your body, especially the armpits, the back, below the fingernails and the private areas.

Personal hygiene for intimate areas

The most important part that women should focus on is taking care of their intimate parts. The vaginal area needs special attention throughout the day, especially when menstruating. Here are a few things to keep in mind-

  1. Trim/ Shave/ Wax?

A common doubt a lot of women have is if they should shave, trim or wax their bikini area. Here is a video that will help you choose what is best for you-

  1. Cleaning

Even though the market is full of intimate hygiene washes such as V- wash, it is important that we do not use any sort of chemicals for our vagina. The best way to keep the area clean and maintain a proper pH level is to wash the area with plain water every single day. This should especially be done when on periods so that it ensures a fresher feeling.

Using toilet paper after peeing is also important to keep the area dry and ensure cleanliness.

  1. Postcoital care

A very easy way that we can get infections is if we don’t take care of our vagina after having sex. Going for a bath or just thoroughly cleaning the area after sex is a very important step in maintaining good hygiene down there. Peeing after having sex is also a good way to get rid of fluids from your body.

  1. Using public toilets

The risk of getting UTIs (Urinary tract infections) is extremely high if we use public restrooms or pee in unclean areas. Hence, it is very important to ensure that the public toilet is clean. Spraying sanitiser or using disposable toilet sheets are ways to avoid such infections.

Vaginal Yeast infections are quite common amongst women and it is important to maintain personal hygiene so that one does not suffer from it.

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