4 Reasons to Get a Personal Checking Account

There are several benefits for a personal checking account; here you can check out

A comfortable and financially secure life while living in a cozy home is perhaps the dream of many. And perhaps you have found La Vista in Omaha as the place for you to live that kind of life. Indeed, La Vista is the perfect place for many dream homeowners because of the state’s rich culture, its history, and its scenic spots such as creeks and lakes. 

More importantly, it is even better to live this kind of life in such a suburb when you know you are free of any financial restraints. For many young adults, getting that kind of life may seem quite impossible. However, it is not when you have a free personal checking account in La Vista NE

What is a Personal Checking Account? 

A checking account, also known as a transactional account, is what one would use when making financial transactions such as paying bills and such day to day expenses. A checking account is also made for direct payments so money in this type of account usually will not be there for long. 

Why Do I Need One?

A personal checking account indeed sounds like your regular bank account. So you may be thinking you do not need one as you can use cash or a credit card when you are out at the Blackstone District or at 72 Table & Tap. However, it is best to be prepared for times when you do not have cash on hand or the establishment does not accept credit card payments. This is where a personal checking account in La Vista NE can help you out.

How? Check out these benefits of having a free personal checking account in La Vista NE

#1 More Adaptable 

Money can be deposited directly to the financial institution, such as credit unions, or through electronic funds transfer when using personal checking accounts. You can also use it to withdraw through the credit union, write checks, do ATM transactions, and pair with electronic debit cards. Whereas with regular bank accounts, you have to go to the bank to withdraw or deposit over-the-counter. 

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#2 Zero Minimum Balance 

Banks and other financial institutions require a minimum balance to keep your account running. Failure to keep this balance can incur a monthly fee. When your account goes dormant for quite some time and the balance becomes low, some banks also close it down. On the other hand, a free checking account does not have such a requirement and you have the freedom to save and withdraw without thinking of a penalty fee. 

#3 Zero Monthly Service Fees 

In order to keep an account active, a lot of banks have a standard monthly charge. Credit unions, on the other hand, are non-profit and do not charge service fees. 

#4 A Credit Score Isn’t Needed 

Banks will look at your credit history when applying for an account. And this may not sound good for those who just got out of university or are just starting their career. Thankfully, credit unions offer personal checking accounts for free so members can increase or rebuild their credit scores. 

The Solution in La Vista NE

There are many credit unions that can help you get a personal checking account to help you slowly reach your financial goals.

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