Perks of long Distance Relationship!


Long distance relationship is period when you badly miss your girlfriend or boyfriend; you miss those shoulders that you need during your tough time. Isn’t it guys?

If I am not wrong, then long phone bills are the biggest barriers in this type of relationship. But there are some advantages too:-

1. The ultimate reality check for infatuation vs true love!

2. Fewer distractions on the wrong days

3. Lust or Love? You’ll get the answer here!


Long Distance Relationship

4. Stay unwaxed for weeks, ditch the gym, flaunt your natural beauty with no makeup!

5. Uninterrupted girly time!

6. No daily dose of drama and fights over priority!

7. The time spent is mostly quality time!

8. The anticipation of finally seeing each other is special too!

9. Absence makes the heart grow fonder!

10. Yours is the role model for other relationships

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