Perfume Day-17th February

Perfume Day on February

Perfumes make your love full of beautiful and captivating aroma.

A perfume elevates your mood and keeps you high spirited all day long. It refreshes the surroundings and brings a joy and soothing comfort to you.

‘The use of perfume dates back to over 2,000 years ago. From rubbing plant material on your skin, to burning or extracting the essence, scenting our bodies and material goods have been an important part of ritual ceremonies, mating, and hygiene throughout the world.’

Happy Perfume Day

“Everyone coming out of a perfume store is smelling the back of their hand.”

Jonathan Carroll

With all the Rose’s Perfume

& with all the lights in the world

& with all the children Smiles…

I Wish U that your all dreams comes True..

Happy Perfume Day

There is NO wine if grapes r not pressed

NO perfume if flowers r not crushed

If you feel any pressure in life,

It means God is bringing the Best out of you
Oneworldnews wishes all readers a ‘Happy Perfume Day’ and may your lives be blessed with joy, gaiety and prosperity.

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